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January 12th, 2022

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January 12th, 2022


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January 12th, 2022


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March 14th, 2023

23rd IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO 2023)

2-5 July 2023, Jeju Island, Korea


IEEE-NANO 2023: Call for Papers – Submission Deadline Extended!

IEEE-NANO is the flagship conference series of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) since 2001, focusing on the promotion of advanced research in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Recent conferences were held in Palma de Mallorca (Spain, 2022), Montreal (Canada, 2021), Virtual (2020), Macau (China, 2019), Cork (Island, 2018), Pittsburgh (USA, 2017), Sendai (Japan, 2016), Rome (Italy, 2015), Toronto (Canada, 2014), etc.

IEEE-NANO 2023 accepts THREE types of papers/abstracts: (1) Regular “Full” papers; (2) Presentation “ONLY” abstracts; and (3) Special Invited Session proposals and abstracts.

Key Dates:

Regular “Full” Paper Submission Deadline is Extended to 31 March 2023!!

  • Deadline for Regular Full Paper Submissions: 15 March 31 March 2023
  • Notification of Acceptance: 15 April 2023
  • Final Full Paper Submissions: 15 May 2023
  • Deadline for Presentation “Only” One-Page Abstracts: 15 April 2023
  • Notification of Acceptance: 10 May 2023
  • Final Abstract Submissions: 30 May 2023
  • Special Invited Session Proposal Deadline: March 15, 2023
  • Special Invited Session Abstract/Paper Submission Deadline: April 30, 2023



March 11th, 2023

IEEE Journal on Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits

Special Topic on “Physics-based modeling and simulation of materials, devices and circuits of beyond-CMOS logic and memory technologies for energy efficient computing.”


Guest Editors

Aims and Scope
Standard Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology and its advanced flavors in the form of FinFETs have propelled the electronic industry to its extraordinary success. While the CMOS technology may continue to deliver its remarkably powerful performance to next-generation computing platforms, it is quite clear that in the longer term, it has major challenges in scaling, suffers from power consumption and power density limitations and may not be amenable to the new demands of the emerging applications. This will require beyond-CMOS technologies to step in and augment CMOS. Whether it is the design of energy efficient scalable switches for logic design, or non-volatile memory, or the integration of memory and logic functionalities for general-purpose computers and application-specific accelerators, the need for the application of quantum materials to realize these new microelectronic devices has surged.

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March 10th, 2023

Webinar for IEEE Region 8 NTC YPs

Date: 8th March 2023 RESCHEDULED:  15th March 2023
Time: 12:00 PM (GMT +1)
Panelist: Dr. Antigone Marino 
Title: “Inside Out the Comfort Zone

Register below. Free.


* Have you ever tried to identify the limits of your comfort zone?
* The comfort zone is a behavioral state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviors to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk.
* Often, without realizing it, we are the ones that somehow limit our professional growth.
* Entering and leaving the comfort zone is an art, that can often become a game to grow professionally!


Dr. Antigone Marino is a researcher at the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems (CNR-ISASI). She received her master in Physics in 2000, and the research doctorate in New Technologies in 2004, both at the Physical Science Department of Federico II University of Naples. Her research activities are focused on soft matter optics, ellipsometry and structured light.

Thanks to her experience in science, she has set up a course for PhD students on professional development, ranging from the topics of soft skills to scientific communication, passing through social media, outreach and all the non-technical aspects necessary in scientific professions.

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    March 7th, 2023

    2022 IEEE NTC Forum on Nanotechnology Focus – Nanotechnology for Soft Electronics

    By Yong Zhu, Cunjiang Yu, and Xiaoning Jiang

    The 2022 NTC Forum on Nanotechnology Focus was held on Dec. 7-8, 2022 in StateView Hotel, Raleigh, NC, with Dr. Yong Zhu at NC State and Dr. Cunjiang Yu at Penn State as Co-Chairs. The 2022 NTC Forum topic was identified as “Nanotechnology for Soft Electronics”, considering that soft electronics has been emerging rapidly as one of the future directions for electronic devices while nanotechnology has been playing a critical role in this emerging field.

    Total 13 invited speakers presented their recent findings and future perspectives of soft electronics during the 1.5-day 2022 NTC Forum. One plenary talk and 12 invited presentations were given at 3 sessions. The Plenary presentation title and speaker are:

    • Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Bioelectronic Medicines, by John Rogers, Northwestern University

    Front row: Aaron Franklin, Cunjiang Yu, Xiaoyu Ni, John Rogers, Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, Sungwoo Nam, Wenzhuo Wu. Back row: Xiaoning Jiang, Wynn Legon, Wubin Bai, Yong Zhu (L to R).


    The invited presentation titles and speakers are:

    • 3D curvy electronics based on conformal additive stamp printing, by Cunjiang Yu, Penn State University
    • High-Speed Fabrication of Organometallic Halide Perovskite Optoelectronic Devices on Ubiquitous Substrates Using Printing or Handwriting, by Chuan Wang, Washington University at St. Louis
    • Carbon nanomaterials-based wearable and implantable sensors and energy devices for broad healthcare applications, by Amay Bandodkar, NC State University
    • Hybrid nanomanufacturing of self-powered human-integrated sensors, by Wenzhuo Wu, Purdue University
    • Metal Nanowire based Soft Electronics: Material, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, by Yong Zhu, NC State University
    • Emerging Designs for Organic Infrared Photodetectors and Energy Storage, by Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, UC San Diego
    • Deformable electronics based on strain-engineered van der Waals materials, by Sungwoo Nam, UC Irvine
    • Opportunities for nanotechnology in therapeutic ultrasound?, by Wynn Legon, Virginia Tech
    • Nanotechnology enabled flexible ultrasound transducers, by Xiaoning Jiang, NC State University
    • A dynamically reprogrammable surface with self-evolving shape morphing, by Xiaoyue Ni, Duke University
    • Print-in-place and Recyclable Electronics from Nanomaterials, by Aaron Franklin, Duke University
    • Morphable Electronic Systems via Deterministic Microfolding, by Wubin Bai, UNC Chapel Hill


    Professor John Rogers is delivering the plenary presentation.


    During a panel discussion.


    Three panel discussions were centered on the role of nanotechnology in soft electronics, history, current status and future perspectives of soft electronics.

    The 2022 NTC Forum participants decided to organize a special symposium at IEEE NANO 2023, and to consider establishing a new NTC TC on nanotechnology for soft electronics.


    February 27th, 2023


    Nanotechnology Council Women in Nanotechnology is a community focused on promoting women in engineering and Diversity, equity & inclusiveness. We are seeking to identify members and recruiting regional coordinators(for all regions except R8 & R10) who are interested in participating in our activities. If you would like to be added to our information list, please sign up or contact Kanika Singh, NTC WIN Chair.


    February 27th, 2023

    Download: First_Call_IEEE_NAP-2023

    MAIN TOPICS: Synthesis & Nanofabrication; Multifunctional Films & Coatings; Electrochemistry;
    Carbon-based Nanomaterials; Nanoscale Characterization; Electronic, Photonic & Quantum Materials
    & Properties; Magnetism, Magnetic Materials & Phenomena; Sensors & Nanodevices; Nanotechnology
    for Energy, Water & Environ. Applications; Nanomedicine & Bionanotechnology; Theory & Modeling

    Crowne Plaza Bratislava Hotel,
    a four-star hotel on the historical city center in Bratislava

    Regular attendees: 400 EUR / 400 USD
    Ph.D. Students: 200 EUR / 200 USD
    * before June 15, 2023
    Invited Speakers, IEEE Members: 20% discount

    Abstract Submission: Feb. 01 – Apr. 15, 2023
    4-Pages Paper Submission: Apr. 15 – May 15, 2023
    Early registration fees deadline: June 15, 2023
    Program posted online: Aug. 15, 2023
    On-site Registration: Sept. 10, 2023

    For more details, please visit the website:


    February 22nd, 2023

    Chapter’s Innovation Grant 2023

    The IEEE NTC Chapters & Regional Activities Committee is pleased to congratulate the following Chapters for receiving the Chapter’s Innovation Grant 2023:

    • Hungary/Romania Section Jt. Chapter – R8
    • Houston Chapter – R1
    • Louisiana Tech University – Student Chapter – R5
    • IIT-Roorkee Subsection; Uttar Pradesh Section – R10
    • Guangzhou Section Chapter – R10

    February 22nd, 2023

    Call for Proposals for Future Site for IEEE NMDC 2025

    Initial Proposal Deadline: 30 April 2023

    The IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (IEEE-NMDC) aims to develop critical assessment of existing work and future directions in nanotechnology research from every sector in the nanotechnology research field, with a special focus on materials and devices. NMDC 2023 will be held in Paestum, Italy. Past locations of the NMDC have been in Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore), USA (California, Michigan, Hawaii, Alaska, Portland), Canada (Vancouver, BC) and Europe (Sicily, France, Stockholm). NMDC typically runs between mid-September and mid-October, with the later dates preferred since IEEE NANO runs in late July.

    We are now seeking proposals for IEEE-NMDC 2025 which is expected to run in IEEE Region 10 (Asia and Pacific). For conference history, visit

    Early indication of an intention to submit a proposal is strongly recommended. Candidates for NMDC 2025 will be expected to present a 5-10 minute “Proposal in Preparation” based on the initial proposal at the NTC Excom and AdCom meetings in July 2023 held at IEEE-NANO 2023 in Jeju Island, Korea. Final proposals are due in October for presentation at the Fall NTC Excom meeting.


    Initial proposals should be prepared in PowerPoint presentation format. An NTC Conference Proposal Guidelines and a PPT template are available upon request. Proposals should cover:

    • Venue: City (or nearby city for rural locations); visitor access (e.g., daily flights,) with typical travel costs; hotel costs (including wi-fi, breakfast, etc.); tourist information
    • Facilities: Hotel or campus venue if known (with verification of availability for formal proposals); lecture theater and meal capacities
    • Personnel: General Chair(s), Program Chair(s), Treasurer, other volunteer personnel (e.g., program/advisory committees), if known, and any administrative staff or management company
    • Budget information:
      • For informal proposals: Target registration rates, estimated number of attendees, estimated income (registration, tutorials, exhibition, grants/donations, etc.), estimated expenses (meals/receptions/breaks, administrative costs, etc.), other features of interest.
      • For formal proposals: As above, but with more detail covering all budgeted income and expenses in the required IEEE NetSuite spreadsheet format. Note that the (Income-Expense)/Expense ratio must be at least 20%, in accordance with IEEE policy.

    Formal proposals must be e-mailed prior to the appropriate deadline to: NTC Vice-President for Conferences Kremena Makasheva ( with copies to Ed Perkins, NTC Secretary (

    Contact Kremena Makasheva, ( with any questions.


    February 9th, 2023

    Call for Application: NTC Chapter’s Travel Support Grant 2023

    DEADLINE: April 30, 2023

    Download: NTC Chapter’s Travel Support Grant

    The IEEE NTC Chapters & Regional Activities Committee is calling for applications from NTC Chapters (student chapters included) for NTC Chapter’s Travel Support Grant 2023. The purpose is to partially support local NTC chapter Chair, executive members or their representatives to attend the IEEE-NANO 2023 (July 2-5, 2023 in Jeju Island, Korea) in-person. The successful applicant is required to join the Adcom meeting which will be held in conjunction with the IEEE Nano2023 to gain good insight on the NTC operation, management and activities. Up to USD$1500 can be applied from each eligible applicant. Cannot be applied to conference registration.

    All active (meeting minimum activity requirements) NTC Chapter Chairs or their representatives – each chapter can only submit one application.


    The application is open now and will be closed on April 30, 2023. For details, please download the form here.


    February 6th, 2023

    The prime focus of the IEEE NAP-2023 is on nanoscale materials with emphasis on interdisciplinary research exploring and exploiting their unique physical and chemical proprieties for practical applications. Although nanoscience and nanotechnology are still in their infancy, this rapidly evolving field of research is quickly transforming almost all aspects of our everyday life. From the low power electronics and supercomputers to advanced drugs and personalized medicine, from new industrial applications and renewable energy to advanced transportation and clean air technologies, nanoscience is the foundation of many transformational discoveries in the decades to come.

    Location: Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
    Dates: Sept. 10-15, 2023
    General Chairs: Vladimír CambelĽubomír Čaplovič and Alexander Pogrebnjak
    Important Dates:
    Abstract submission starts: February 01, 2023
    Abstract submission ends: May 01, 2023
    Manuscript submission ends: June 01, 2023
    Acceptance/rejection notification: July 01, 2023
    Early registration fees deadline: July 15, 2023
    Conference Program available: August 15, 2023