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January 11th, 2019

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February 12th, 2016


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November 30th, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to announce the first meeting of the newborn Technical Committee on Emerging Plasma Nanotechnologies of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. This first edition, planned for February, 9th, 2022, will start at 5:00pm CET, Paris time zone, (which will be 8:00am PST, 11:00am EST, 1:00am(+1day) JST). It will be virtual with a very exiting program with speakers either from academia and industry. This time we have a special focus on advanced device development/plasma processes including AI/ML/big data. The list of the speaker is the following:

5:00 – 5:45 pm (CET)
Prof. Seiji Samukawa, Tohoku University, Japan
Introduction of IEEE Nanotechnology Council and Emerging Plasma Nanotechnologies Technical Committee
Plasma Nanotechnology Introduction/Background

5:45 – 6:20 pm (CET)
Prof. Masaru Hori, Nagoya University, Japan
Internal parameter analysis by random forest model in PECVD of amorphous carbon films

6:20 – 6:55 pm (CET)
Dr. Thorsten Lill, Lam Research, USA
Plasma technologies for etching of 3D integrated memories

6:55 – 7:30 pm (CET)
Dr. Alok Ranjan & Dr. Shyam Sridhar, Tokyo Electron America, Inc., USA
Emerging plasma technologies enabling logic and memory scaling roadmaps

Dr. Peter Ventzek
Prof. Uros Cvelbar
Dr. Kremena Makasheva

Members of TC17 Emerging Plasma Nanotechnologies Technical Committee, IEEE Nanotechnology Council

November 30th, 2021


2022 IEEE 12th International Conference on Nanomaterials: Application & Properties
Sept. 11-16, 2022, Galaxy Hotel, Kraków, Poland.

Dear Colleagues,
We invite you to present your most exciting nanomaterials-related research at the #IEEENAP Conference!

The 2022 IEEE International Conference “Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties” will be held on Sept. 11-16, 2022, in a hybrid format, with a “physical” meeting in Kraków, Poland. We are happy to have a beautiful and modern 4- star GALAXY Hotel & Spa as our conference venue!

The Conference is organized through a partnership between the IEEE Nanotechnology Council, Silesian University of Technology, and Sumy State University, with endorsements and support from the International Union for Pure & Applied Physics and the IEEE Magnetics Society.

Covered Topics:
The IEEE NAP-2022 Conference continues our tradition of bringing together experts from different nanoscience-related fields, emphasizing the following topics:
– Synthesis, Self-assembly, Nanofabrication & Nanomanufacturing;
– Electrochemistry;
– Micro- & Nanoscale Characterization;
– Carbon-based Nanomaterials;
– Multifunctional Thin Films & Coatings;
– Electronic, Photonic & Quantum Materials;
– Magnetic Materials & Spin-dependent Phenomena;
– Sensors & Nanodevices;
– Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology;
– Energy, Water and Environmental Applications
– Theory & Modeling of Nanomaterials.

Plenary/Invited Speakers:
We are honored to host truly world-class Plenary Speakers, internationally recognized physicists, chemists, and materials science experts:
Dr. Anne M. Andrews, Professor of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences and Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of California, Los Angeles;
Dr. Yury Gogotsi, Distinguished University, and Charles T. and Ruth M. Bach Professor, Drexel University;
Dr. Laura H. Greene, Chief Scientist, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee and Krafft Professor of Physics, Florida State University;
Dr. Paul S. Weiss, Presidential Chair, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Bioengineering, and Materials Science & Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles;
Prof. Sandro Carrara, Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology;
Dr. Nicola Pinna, Professor for Functional Materials at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Please visit our conference website with a full list of our outstanding invited speakers.

Important Dates:
December 01, 2021: Invited speakers nominations deadline
(self-nominations will be considered)
December 31, 2021: Onsite exhibit & marketing proposals deadline
January 17, 2022: Abstract submission site opens
April 25, 2022: Abstracts submission deadline
May 20, 2022: Papers submission deadline
June 10, 2022: Student grant application deadline
June 30, 2022: Acceptance notification
July 31, 2022: “Nanoscience as Art” Contest deadline
August 15, 2022: Conference Program available
September 11, 2022: On-site Registration & Welcome Reception
September 11-16, 2022: Conference Technical Sessions
September 16, 2022: Conference Closing & Award Ceremonies

For more details, please visit the website:

We hope you all consider submitting abstracts to the IEEE NAP-2022 Conference. Do not miss this opportunity to share your research results or showcase your technology while learning firsthand about the most recent trends and international advances in nanoscience and nanomaterials and enjoying the historic majesty and unsurpassed beauty of ever-young city of Kraków!

If you have any questions please email us:


November 20th, 2021


IEEE Open Journal of Nanotechnology (OJ-NANO)
Special Issue on
“IEEE-NANOMED 2021: Nano/Molecular Medicine & Engineering”

IEEE Open Journal of Nanotechnology (OJ-NANO), a new gold fully open access journal launched in 2020 by IEEE Nanotechnology Council, publishes research advancing the theory, design and development of nanotechnology and its scientific, engineering and industrial applications. The journal has an independent editorial board, established peer-review process, is targeting a ten-week rapid publishing schedule and is fully compliant with funder mandates, including Plan S. Your work will be exposed to 5 million unique monthly users of the IEEE Xplore®Digital Library. IEEE OJ-NANO is now indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) by Clarivate Analytics, as well as accepted for inclusion in Scopus®, meaning that articles are discoverable in Web of Science and Elsevier’s abstract & citation database! This development indicates increased visibility and profile for both the journal and its published articles, demonstrating IEEE OJ-NANO is a reliable and high-quality source of information in the field of nanotechnology. Furthermore, ESCITM indexing is a necessary precursor to a journal being accepted in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE)TM with an Impact Factor. IEEE OJ-NANO is now under consideration for SCIE.

IEEE OJ-NANO will devote a special issue/section on “IEEE-NANOMED 2021: Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering” to a collection of papers highlighting research and technology development in the field of nanobiotechnology, molecular engineering, micro/nano-fluidics, micro/nano-system integration, nano-biology and nanomedicine. IEEE Nanotechnology Council sponsors the 15th IEEE International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine & Engineering (IEEE-NANOMED 2021) held on 15-18 November 2021 to foster interaction between physicians, scientists and engineers in these emerging areas.

NOTE: IEEE OJ-NANO will waive 25% of the APC (Article Publishing Charge) for papers accepted for publication in the NANOMED 2021 special issue!

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

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November 18th, 2021

Under the patronage of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council President, Professor James Morris, the NTC Young Professionals team is organizing the first IEEE Nanotechnology Marathon. Throughout a 24-hour period, distinguished lecturers, nanotechnology experts, and influential scientists will give presentations regarding their field of expertise. The marathon will take place on the 24th of November 2021. Thanks to the speakers’ geographic distribution, an agenda with versatile topics, and sessions offered around-the-clock, audiences from around the world will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and learn from renowned experts in the nanotechnology field.

Check out the marathon’s lineup of distinguished speakers and add the sessions to your calendar by simply clicking the iCal link.

Distinguished speakers detailed information and abstracts – PDF version

Keynote Topic Local time GMT Time Calendar Invite
Prof. Lan Fu III-V Compound Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronic Applications 10:00 am (Canberra) 11:00 pm (23rd) iCal
Prof. Seiji Samukawa Atomic Layer Neutral Beam Process for Nanofabrication and Interface Engineering 09:00 am (Tokyo) 12:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Inkyu Park Self-powered physical and chemical sensors towards next generation IoT 10:00 am (Korea) 01:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Qing Zhang Roles of dynamic semiconductor junctions in mechanical energy harvesting 10:00 am (Singapore) 02:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Kin Fong Lei Towards a Miniaturized, High Throughput Platform for Cancer Biology Research 11:00 am (Taiwan) 03:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Subhankar Bedanta Spintronics with heavy metals, topological insulators and antiferromagnets 09:30 am (India) 04:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. S. Narayana Jammalamadaka Atomistic switch based on magnetostrictive nanocontacts – Quantum transport 10:30 am (India) 05:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Osamu Tabata Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up: Way to explore the plentiful room at the bottom 03:00 pm (Tokyo) 06:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Yogendra Mishra Tetrapods Based Smart Materials for Advanced Technologies 08:00 am (Denmark) 07:00 am (24th) iCal
Dagur Albertsson Spintronic oscillator based applications: modelling and design 09:00 am (Sweden) 08:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Arokia Nathan Integration strategies to meet low power requirements of biosensor interfaces 09:00 am (UK) 09:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Ulla Lassi Sustainable lithium-ion battery chemicals 12:00 pm (Finland) 10:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Caue Ribeiro A perspective vision of nanotechnology applications in agriculture 08:00 am (Brasil) 11:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Cecilia de Carvalho Castro e Silva Graphene-based Technologies for Biosensors: From Field Effect Transistors to Microfibers 09:00 am (Brasil) 12:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Philiswa Nomngongo Nanomaterials as a tool in analysis and removal of pollutants from contaminated water systems 03:00 pm (South Africa) 01:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Giovanni Finocchio Spintronic microwave and THz detectors: state-of-the-art and future! 03:00 pm (Italy) 02:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Ghassan Jabbour Reactive printing and R2R Compatible Processes for the Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots: From Photonics to COVID-19 Applications 10:00 am (Ottawa) 03:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Amina E. Hussein Laser-plasma interactions in the relativistic regime 09:00 am (Edmonton) 04:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Attila Bonyar
Development of nanoplasmonic nucleotide sensors 06:00 pm (Hungary) 05:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Reuven Gordon Nanoplasmonics: Reaching out to the Single Molecule 10:00 am (Vancouver) 06:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Dustin Gilbert The role of composition and order in determining the magnetic properties of high-entropy alloys 11:00 am (Knoxville) 07:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof.  Oluwaseyi Balogun Nanoscale Thermal Transport Measurements in Electronic Thin Films 02:00 pm (Chicago) 08:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Rachel A. Oliver The Material Science of Nitride Optoelectronics 09:00 pm (UK) 09:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Nicholas Fang Printing Optical Materials 05:00 pm (Boston) 10:00 pm (24th) iCal

Current GMT date and time: November 30, 2021 9:55 pm

Direct Zoom link

November 16th, 2021

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) Chapters & Regional Activities Committee is calling for applications from NTC Chapters (student chapters included) for NTC Chapter’s Innovation Grant. The purpose is to support regional NTC Chapters to propose new innovative activities to be carried out in 2022 and beyond. Up to USD$2500 can be applied from each eligible chapter. Deadline for applications 25-Nov-21.

  1. Eligibility

All active NTC Chapters formed in and before 2018.

  1. The Application Pack should
  • include a list of the activities carried out in 2020 and 2021 (that have been reported in vTools).
  • include a brief proposal (up to 2 pages) on the proposed activities, with a clear description on the activity, action plan (such as for activity promotion), and main benefits (to IEEE NTC members and wide community).
  • show relation (up to 1 page) to the topics of the current NTC Technical Committees and the NTC Distinguished Lecturers (DL) program.
  • provide a budget justification for each planned activity. Typical funding is USD $1000. In special well-documented cases, funding can be increased but no more than USD $2500.
  • provide the bank details of its affiliated IEEE Section by filling in the attached bank information form (note that there are two forms attached, one for Chapters in India only, and one for all other Chapters).
  • be sent by email to: Prof. Lan Fu: by Nov. 25, 2021.
  1. The selection committee
  • Kremena Makasheva (Chair, NTC VP for Technical Activities)
  • Vasuda   Bhatia (R1-7 Coordinator)
  • Attila Bonyar (R8 Coordinator)
  • Camilo Tellez Villamizar (R9 Coordinator)
  • Brajesh Kumar Kaushik (R10 Coordinator)
  • Zhiming Wang (R10 Other, Coordinator)
  • Lan Fu (NTC Chapters – Chair)
  1. Announcement

The successful applications will be announced during the 16th IEEE NMDC conference to be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada in Dec. 12-15, 2021.


November 13th, 2021

Nanotechnology to Combat COVID – Prevention, Detection, Therapy

SF Bay Area Nanotechnology Council – 17th Annual Fall Symposium

Date/Time: Wed Nov 17: 9am to 3pm PST
Cost: Free, but registration is required.
Register: Here
Registered attendees will receive an email with a link for the Zoom meeting

Nanotechnology is at the forefront of fighting COVID. Lipid nanoparticles are essential components of mRNA vaccines. Nanomaterials are enabling improved detection techniques, and novel therapies.

At this symposium, leading academic and industrial researchers will present pathbreaking nanotechnology-based work focused on addressing the threat of COVID-19. Topics will include nanotechnology to manufacture COVID mRNA vaccines, create novel nanomaterial decoy therapies, enhance molecular detection of viruses, and simulate nanostructured COVID proteins.

The event will provide opportunities for attendees to network and actively engage with the speakers.


Vasuda Bhatia
Chair 2021 IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Chapter
Regional Coordinator (1-7) IEEE Nanotechnology Council


November 11th, 2021

Call for Papers
23rd IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology
July 4-8th July 2022

Download CFP Flyer (PDF)

The 23rd IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO 2022) will be held from 6th to 8th of July, 2022, at the Auditorium of Palma, the capital of Balearic Islands, Spain.

IEEE-NANO is the flagship IEEE international conference on Nanotechnology, which has been a successful annual conference since 2001. Recent conferences were held virtually (2021 & 2020), Macau (2019), Cork (2018), Pittsburgh (2017), Sendai (2016), Rome (2015), and Toronto (2014).

The conference scope spans both nanoscience and nanotechnology including: Developing new nanomaterials matter and nanometre length scale, Studying the fundamental physical, chemical or biological properties of these nanomaterials and nanostructures, Manipulating nanomaterials and nanostructures  to create nanosensors, nanoactuators and nanoelectronic/nanophotonic devices.

Both contributions from both academic and industry-based researchers.
Listed below the more specific topics that IEEE-NANO 2022 will focus on:

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November 3rd, 2021

65th International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication (EIPBN)

“Nanotechnology in the Sciences and the Science of Nanotechnology.”

Download Flyer here (PDF)
May 31 – June 2, 2022
Sheraton New Orleans

The International EIPBN Conference is the premier gathering of scientists and engineers who are dedicated to electron, ion and photon lithography, imaging, and analysis; atomically precise fabrication; nanofabrication process technologies; related emerging technologies, and their applications in a broad spectrum of fields.

This is the 65th meeting of the EIPBN, where top researchers from academia, government laboratories, and industry from around the world meet to present and discuss recent trends and future directions in these technologies.

The conference opens on Tuesday with a short course session in the morning followed by the beginning of a 3-day commercial session featuring materials and equipment vendors. Wednesday opens with the plenary session and a spotlight poster session showcasing the invited and contributed papers. The remainder of the conference will consist of three parallel oral sessions. Presentations (including questions) will be 30 minutes for invited papers and 20 minutes for contributed papers.

An important feature of the program is the poster session, which provides opportunity for extended discussions with the authors. Best Invited, Contributed, and Student Poster awards are presented during the banquet on Thursday evening. We are also looking forward to honoring a newly formed company that best communicates its business model, market, and vision with the Best Startup Award. Throughout the conference there will be several focused workshops and networking events including the welcome reception, the Women in Nanotechnology luncheon, the Student Mentor Mixer, and the Student Recruiting Breakfast.

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October 25th, 2021

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) is calling for proposals for siting IEEE-NMDC 2024 Conference

[Deadline Extended!] Initial Proposal Deadline: 30 November 2021

The IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (IEEE-NMDC) aims to develop critical assessment of existing work and future directions in nanotechnology research from every sector in the nanotechnology research field, with a special focus on materials and devices. NMDC 2021 will be held in Vancouver, Canada, NMDC 2022 in Nanjing, China and NMDC 2023 in Paestum, Italy. Past locations of the NMDC have been in Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore), USA (California, Michigan, Hawaii, Alaska, Portland), and Europe (Sicily, France, Stockholm). NMDC typically runs between mid-September and mid-October, with the later dates preferred since IEEE NANO runs in late July.

We are now seeking proposals for IEEE-NMDC 2024 which is expected to run in IEEE Region 1-7 (North America) or Region 9 (South & Central America).

For conference history, visit

Initial Proposal deadline:
30 November 2021

Early indication of an intention to submit a proposal is strongly recommended. Candidates for NMDC 2024 will be expected to present a 5-10 minute “Proposal in Preparation” based on the initial proposal at the online NTC ExCom meeting in December 2021.

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October 13th, 2021

The Society for HealthCare Innovation (SHCI) is a collaborative group of students, academics, and medical professionals who aim to advance novel ideas, science, and technologies in healthcare. Through their diverse interconnected networks of professionals from all avenues of the healthcare ecosystem, the SHCI seeks to push forward the frontiers of healthcare through innovation in workflows, adoption of new digital care models, and transformative technologies that impact the way we provide, receive, and pay for healthcare. To support these goals, the University of California – Santa Cruz Crown College and Center for Applied Values and Ethics in Advanced Technologies (CAVEAT) have partnered with the SHCI to develop their 2021 “Frontiers of Innovation” conference. This event will take place from October 25 – 29, 2021, in two-hour blocks from 2 – 4 pm Eastern, and will cover some of the recent developments in AI, Blockchain, DIY Biotechnology (Biohacking), Nanotechnology, and Neuolink-focused devices.

The NTC’s Vice-President for Conferences, Jin-Woo Kim, and Distinguished Lecturer, Elena Rozhkova, have graciously agreed to share their expertise in the realm of nanotechnology for medical research and implementation for this event. The 2021 Frontiers of Innovation Steering Committee would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested to join our conversation with them on October 26. Registration is free and open to the public, and a moderated conversation board will be open to allow participants the ability to connect and further the discussions that will take place during the week. For questions, please reach out to Tyler L. Jaynes – NTC/SC Chair and Steering Committee member.

Register for the event at this link.