IEEE Nanotechnology Council
Advancing Nanotech for Humanity

Standing Committees

NTC has the following standing committees
o    Awards
o    Constitution and Bylaws (Chaired by Secretary or appointee)
o    Education (Chaired by VP Educational Activities)
o    Fellows Evaluation
o    Fellow Search
o    Finance (Chaired by VP Finance)
o    Industrial Advisory
o    Liaison and Transnational (Chaired by Past President)
o    Meetings (Chaired by VP Conferences)
o    Nominations & Appointments (Chaired by Past President)
o    Publications (Chaired by VP Publications)
o    Chapters & Regional Activities
o    Standards
o    Technical Activities (Chaired by VP Technical Activities)
o    Distinguished Lecturer Subcommittee (Chaired by VP Educational Activities)
o    Women in Nanotechnology
o    Young Professionals

The NTC President appoints for a term concurrent with his or her presidency Chairpersons of the standing committees of the Council that are not chaired by an Officer, as specified in the bylaws, on or before January of the year in which he or she takes office as President. All appointments shall be made with the advice of the Nominations and Appointments Committee and consent of the Council AdCom. The Chairperson appointees need not be chosen from among the individuals who are on the Council AdCom as Member Society representatives.