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Technical Activities

Technical Committee Award


Each year the Council will provide an award for the best Technical Committee for the prior year.

The assessment should be over a year of work. Moreover, the recognition should reflect the work pertaining to the preceding year. E.g., the committees 2018 work will be used to choose an Awardee at the beginning of 2019. The Award will be approved by the Council Excom at its first meeting of the year.

The TC Awardee is chosen by a committee formed by the VP Technical Activities and 2 chairs of NTC-sponsored conferences and based on the following criteria:

– Involvement in NTC major conferences: Special Sessions and Workshop organization

– Contribution to NTC journals and magazines: Special Issues with Guest Editors from the TC, major regular publications from TC Members

– Contribution to NTC’s educational mission: Tutorials, Webinars and TryNano participation

– New initiatives

– Impact

This selection should be rapid, early in the year, as the recognition chosen may affect participation to NTC conferences

The TC awardee recognition may take the form of one of the following:

  1. Hotel support for 2 TC Leaders/Active Members for 4 nights at IEEE NANO Conference
  2. IEEE NANO registration fee for 2 TC leaders/Active Members
  3. $1200 to $1500 for the recognized TC to spend on NTC conference support for its Active Member(s)

A TC may apply for the Award by submitting their yearly report form by 10-December to the VP Technical Activities.

Click here to access the NTC Award for Technical Committee Application form.