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IEEE Fellows evaluated by NTC Fellow Evaluation Committee

Ali Javey2023for contributions to 1D and 2D semiconductor transistors and wearable biochemical sensors
Xiaoning Jiang2023for contributions to ultrasound transducers for advanced sensing, imaging, and therapy
Andras Kis2023for contributions to the development of 2D materials and electronic devices
Qiangfei Xia2023for contributions to resistive memory arrays and devices for inmemory computing
Zhihong Chen2022 for contributions to the understanding and applications of low-dimensional nanomaterials
Jin-Woo Kim2022 for contributions to nanoscale fabrication of bio/nano-hybrid materials
William King2022 for contributions to nano-scale measurements and nano-manufacturing
Deji Akinwande2021for contributions to wafer-scale graphene synthesis and application to flexible devices
David Gracias2021for contributions to three-dimensional assembly and origami engineering of nanostructured materials and devices
Paul Weiss2021for contributions to nanoscience and specifically electronic transport in molecular systems
Osamu Tabata2020for contributions to the development and commercialization of micro electro mechanical systems
Tza-huei Wang2020for contributions to micro- and nano-technologies for biomedical applications
Pei-yu Chiou
2019for contributions to optofluidics for high throughput single cell manipulation
Roger Lake
2019for contributions to quantum mechanical electronic device modeling
Harkhoe Tan
2019for contributions to compound semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices
Timothy Boykin
2018for contributions to atomistic models for semiconductor device simulation
Jianbin Xu
2018for contributions to nanoscale electronic materials and devices
Gwo-bin Lee
2017for contributions to micro- and nano-fluidic technologies for biomedical applications
Karl Berggren2016for contributions to nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing in the sub-10 nm regime
Mark Hersam2016for contributions to carbon nanomaterial processing methods and devices
John Randall2015for contributions to nanofabrication technologies and applications
Babu Chalamala2014for contributions to the development of advanced materials and device technologies for
vacuum microelectronics and field emission displays
Shoou-Jinn Chang2014for contributions to nano scale photonic, electronic, and sensing devices
Alexander Balandin2013for contributions to characterization of thermo-electric properties of semiconductor nanostructures and graphene
Gerhard Klimeck2013for contributions to atomistic quantum simulation tools for nanoelectronic devices

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