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Women in Nanotechnology Special Session held in IEEE NANO 2023 Conference

The event on women in nanotechnology that was held on 5th July for the interview and panel discussion with nanotechnology leaders were incredibly insightful and inspiring. The event provided a unique platform for nanotechnology leaders to share their personal journeys and life stories, with a particular emphasis on encouraging women and diverse groups. The stories shared were not only informative but also served as a source of motivation for aspiring professionals in the field. The caliber and expertise of the speakers were commendable. Their knowledge and experience provided valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of working in nanotechnology. The panel discussion fostered a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives, leaving the audience with a deeper understanding of the industry and its potential. The session was organized by Dr. Kanika Singh, WIN Chair and moderated by Mr. Edward Perkins, NTC Secretary and speaker list included Prof. James Morris, Prof. Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Prof. Montserrat Rivas, Prof. James Speice and Prof. Lan Fu and many participants attended who made this event a resounding success. The meticulous planning and seamless execution were apparent, and it was an engaging and informative experience for all attendees. The event play a crucial role in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the field of nanotechnology. By highlighting the achievements and challenges faced by women and men in academics and industry, Women in Nanotechnology(WIN) are not only inspiring the next generation of female professionals but also fostering an environment that values and encourages diversity. The knowledge and inspiration gained from the event will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on all the attendees.

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