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Fourth Meeting of the NTC Technical Committee on Emerging Plasma Nanotechnologies

The Technical Committee on Emerging Plasma Nanotechnologies of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council will hold its fourth online workshop Wed Feb 8th 2023, at 5:00-7:00 pm CET, Paris time zone, (which will be at 8:00 am PST (Bay Area), 10:00 am CST (Chicago), 11:00 am EST (NYC), 1:00 am(+1day) JST). It will be virtual with a very exciting program with speakers either from academia and attendees from academia, national laboratories and industry. Attendance is free but registration is necessary.  Use the form below.

This time we have a diverse set of topics spanning biomedical plasma technology to the simulation of charged particle interactions with surfaces. Our speaker lineup includes:

  • Prof. Andrew Gibson (Ruhr University)  “Chemical kinetics in atmospheric pressure plasmas: implications for biomedicine and materials processing”
  • Prof. Steve Shannon (NCSU)  “Ion-material interactions for critical etch processes”
  • Xiuyao Lang, Youhwan Jo, and Prof. KJ Cho (University of Texas at Dallas) “TDDFT study of excited electron dynamics and MD study of ion collisions with surface for plasma nanotechnology”

Agenda: Talks 30 min + 5 min for questions

  • Welcome 17:00-17:05 CET 2/8 [1:00 am-1:05 JST 2/9, 10:00am-10:05  CDT 2/8]
  • Prof. Gibson 17:05-17:40 CET 2/8 [1:05-1:40 JST, 10:05-10:40  CDT]
  • Prof. Shannon 17:40-18:15 CET 2/8 [1:40-2:15 JST, 10:40-11:15  CDT]
  • Lang, Jo and Cho 18:15 – 18:50 CET 2/8  [2:15-2:50 JST, 11:15-11:50  CDT]

Dr. Peter Ventzek
Prof. Uros Cvelbar
Dr. Kremena Makasheva
Committee Chair: Prof. Seiji Samukawa

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