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NTC Young Professionals wins the IEEE Young Professionals Hall of Fame Award

The accomplishments of the NTC Young Professionals have been recognized on the IEEE-wide scale and the group has been awarded with the IEEE Young Professionals Hall of Fame for activities in 2021. The justification emphasizes that the activities and initiatives stood out from the others, and were recognized as great contributors to the young generation of engineers and scientists in the Nanotechnology Council and IEEE overall. During the evaluation, the referees recognized the exemplary vitality of the group measured in the amount and quality of organized activities. These activities have an essential impact on the Young Professional community. The jury also recognized a vibrant collaboration with other IEEE units in order to facilitate the engagement of members of all grades. Finally, the inspiring concept of the Nanotechnology Marathon has been recognized as a cherry on the top of the cake.

Congratulations to our NTC YP Team led by Rafal Sliz, for the hard work and dedication!

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