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Announcing Distinguished Lecturers 2022

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council is pleased to announce the appointments of Distinguished Lecturers for 2022.

The list is below; lecturer details can be found on the Distinguished Lecturers 2022 page. For more information see the Description of the NTC DL program.

DL Name
Antonio Di Bartolomeo 1. Electrical transport measurements in 2D materials
2. Nanotransistors
3. 2D Materials: fabrication, properties and applications
Weida Hu 1. Nanoscale infrared photodetectors manipulated by localized fields
Kin Fong Lei 1. Analyses of Molecular Expression of Cancer Cells Cultured in Stacking Nanofiber Substrate
2. Impedimetric Monitoring of Cancer Cell Responses in Three-dimension Culture Environment
Elena A. Rozhkova* 1. Merging Nanotechnology & Synthetic Biology toward Directed Evolution of Energy Materials
2. Magnetic Nanostructures for Future Medicine: from Cell Actuation to Ultrasensitive Detection
3. Nano for BRAIN technologies
Aida Todri-Sanial 1. Novel devices and circuits design methods energy efficient neuromorphic computing with oscillatory neural networks
Massimiliano Di Ventra 1. Quantum transport in nanoscale systems
2. MemComputing: Fundamentals and Applications
3. Next-generation sequencing with nanochannels
4. Industrial research from an academic point of view
Yang Xu 1. Graphene/Silicon Heterojunctions for Integrated Nanotechnology
Ken-Tye Yong 1. Nanocarbons for Biology and Medicine: Sensing, Imaging, and Drug Delivery
Yong Zhu 1. Nanomaterial-Enabled Soft Electronics
2. MEMS for Characterizing Mechanical and Coupled Properties of Nanomaterials
* Re-appointment for second year.


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