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2022 NTC Award Winners Announced


NTC Announces its 2022 Individual Award Winners.

Pioneer Award
The Pioneer Award recognizes individuals who have had a significant impact on the field of nanotechnology by virtue of initiating new areas of research, development or engineering.

The 2022 Pioneer Award goes to Professor Xiuling Li, Temple Foundation Endowed Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Microelectronics Research Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

“For innovative contributions to nanoscale device growth, fabrication, and demonstration especially nanowire epitaxy, metal-assisted chemical etching, and self-rolled-up nanomembrane technology”


Early Career Award
The Early Career Award recognizes individuals who have made contributions with a major impact on the field of nanotechnology.

The 2022 Early Career Award goes to Deblina Sarkar, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and AT&T Career Development Chair Professor at MIT Media Lab.

“For innovative work in development of energy-efficient next-generation computing technology and fusion of nanotechnology with biology towards understanding the brain.”

Congratulations to the awardees. The awards will be presented at IEEE NANO 2022 in Mallorca, Spain.

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