IEEE Nanotechnology Council
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New Technical Committees

The Nanotechnology Council is forming two new Technical Committees:

TC16 – Quantum technologies
TC16 will be an interdisciplinary guide for scientists working in quantum, neuromorphic and unconventional computing envisioning how nanotechnology will impact their development. A challenge will be bringing researchers of the three different communities to create a common language, with the aim to transfer solutions and exchange idea among the communities. Planned activities are: creation of a robust TC membership; organization of conference sessions; organization of special issues; articles on perspectives. For information contact the new TC’s chair Giovanni Finocchio,

TC 17 – Plasmas and plasma-based technologies in quantum
To fabricate high performance nanodevices and nano-systems, atomic layer and damage-free plasma nanomanufacturing technologies are indispensable. For this purpose, it is essential to develop methods for generating and transporting charged particles, UV photons, and reactive species on the surface to suppress damages and to control atomic layer surface chemical reactions in plasma processing. Achieving control of atomic layer surface chemical reactions requires diagnostics and sensors for both the plasma and resultant surface states but also models (phenomenological to the first principles) that can predict process results. Therefore, our final target is the development and implementation of intelligent plasma nanomanufacturing technologies in accordance with Industry 4.0 and 5.0 standards. For information contact the new TC’s chair Prof. Dr. Seiji Samukawa,


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