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Nanotechnology Marathon

Under the patronage of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council President, Professor James Morris, the NTC Young Professionals team is organizing the first IEEE Nanotechnology Marathon. Throughout a 24-hour period, distinguished lecturers, nanotechnology experts, and influential scientists will give presentations regarding their field of expertise. The marathon will take place on the 24th of November 2021. Thanks to the speakers’ geographic distribution, an agenda with versatile topics, and sessions offered around-the-clock, audiences from around the world will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and learn from renowned experts in the nanotechnology field.

Check out the marathon’s lineup of distinguished speakers and add the sessions to your calendar by simply clicking the iCal link.

Distinguished speakers detailed information and abstracts – PDF version

Keynote Topic Local time GMT Time Calendar Invite
Prof. Lan Fu III-V Compound Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronic Applications 10:00 am (Canberra) 11:00 pm (23rd) iCal
Prof. Seiji Samukawa Atomic Layer Neutral Beam Process for Nanofabrication and Interface Engineering 09:00 am (Tokyo) 12:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Inkyu Park Self-powered physical and chemical sensors towards next generation IoT 10:00 am (Korea) 01:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Qing Zhang Roles of dynamic semiconductor junctions in mechanical energy harvesting 10:00 am (Singapore) 02:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Kin Fong Lei Towards a Miniaturized, High Throughput Platform for Cancer Biology Research 11:00 am (Taiwan) 03:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Subhankar Bedanta Spintronics with heavy metals, topological insulators and antiferromagnets 09:30 am (India) 04:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. S. Narayana Jammalamadaka Atomistic switch based on magnetostrictive nanocontacts – Quantum transport 10:30 am (India) 05:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Osamu Tabata Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up: Way to explore the plentiful room at the bottom 03:00 pm (Tokyo) 06:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Yogendra Mishra Tetrapods Based Smart Materials for Advanced Technologies 08:00 am (Denmark) 07:00 am (24th) iCal
Dagur Albertsson Spintronic oscillator based applications: modelling and design 09:00 am (Sweden) 08:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Arokia Nathan Integration strategies to meet low power requirements of biosensor interfaces 09:00 am (UK) 09:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Ulla Lassi Sustainable lithium-ion battery chemicals 12:00 pm (Finland) 10:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Caue Ribeiro A perspective vision of nanotechnology applications in agriculture 08:00 am (Brasil) 11:00 am (24th) iCal
Prof. Cecilia de Carvalho Castro e Silva Graphene-based Technologies for Biosensors: From Field Effect Transistors to Microfibers 09:00 am (Brasil) 12:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Philiswa Nomngongo Nanomaterials as a tool in analysis and removal of pollutants from contaminated water systems 03:00 pm (South Africa) 01:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Giovanni Finocchio Spintronic microwave and THz detectors: state-of-the-art and future! 03:00 pm (Italy) 02:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Ghassan Jabbour Reactive printing and R2R Compatible Processes for the Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots: From Photonics to COVID-19 Applications 10:00 am (Ottawa) 03:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Amina E. Hussein Laser-plasma interactions in the relativistic regime 09:00 am (Edmonton) 04:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Attila Bonyar
Development of nanoplasmonic nucleotide sensors 06:00 pm (Hungary) 05:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Reuven Gordon Nanoplasmonics: Reaching out to the Single Molecule 10:00 am (Vancouver) 06:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Dustin Gilbert The role of composition and order in determining the magnetic properties of high-entropy alloys 11:00 am (Knoxville) 07:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof.  Oluwaseyi Balogun Nanoscale Thermal Transport Measurements in Electronic Thin Films 02:00 pm (Chicago) 08:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Rachel A. Oliver The Material Science of Nitride Optoelectronics 09:00 pm (UK) 09:00 pm (24th) iCal
Prof. Nicholas Fang Printing Optical Materials 05:00 pm (Boston) 10:00 pm (24th) iCal

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