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Current Status of Nano-scale Medicine Innovation

The Society for HealthCare Innovation (SHCI) is a collaborative group of students, academics, and medical professionals who aim to advance novel ideas, science, and technologies in healthcare. Through their diverse interconnected networks of professionals from all avenues of the healthcare ecosystem, the SHCI seeks to push forward the frontiers of healthcare through innovation in workflows, adoption of new digital care models, and transformative technologies that impact the way we provide, receive, and pay for healthcare. To support these goals, the University of California – Santa Cruz Crown College and Center for Applied Values and Ethics in Advanced Technologies (CAVEAT) have partnered with the SHCI to develop their 2021 “Frontiers of Innovation” conference. This event will take place from October 25 – 29, 2021, in two-hour blocks from 2 – 4 pm Eastern, and will cover some of the recent developments in AI, Blockchain, DIY Biotechnology (Biohacking), Nanotechnology, and Neuolink-focused devices.

The NTC’s Vice-President for Conferences, Jin-Woo Kim, and Distinguished Lecturer, Elena Rozhkova, have graciously agreed to share their expertise in the realm of nanotechnology for medical research and implementation for this event. The 2021 Frontiers of Innovation Steering Committee would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested to join our conversation with them on October 26. Registration is free and open to the public, and a moderated conversation board will be open to allow participants the ability to connect and further the discussions that will take place during the week. For questions, please reach out to Tyler L. Jaynes – NTC/SC Chair and Steering Committee member.

Register for the event at this link.

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