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IEEE Nanotechnology Newsletter, March-April 2015


March-April, 2015


Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, a number of exciting developments have occurred in March-April 2015. For example, two Nanotechnology Council (NTC) sponsored transactions, ENANO (an open access journal) and T-MBMC went live with their manuscript submission sites; the March issues of IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine and T-NANO were published; T-NB transitions to 8 online issues per year; a NTC Summer School on Nanotechnology was initiated with a call for proposals; the NTC announced its2015 distinguished lecturers; a call for council officer nomination was issued; a new Nano Blog was established; and a series of NTC sponsored 2015 conferences, including, IEEE NEMS in Xian China (having been held in April); IEEE NANO in Rome, Italy; IEEE NMDC in Anchorage, Alaska USA; IEEE NANOMED in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, USA; and 3M-NANO in Changchun, China are actively calling for papers and participants.

For more details, please click here to read the full content online or click the titles below for individual subjects.

Call for Papers by The IEEE T-MBMC

The IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative

Request for Proposals NTC Summer School

IEEE Nanotechnology Express (ENANO) A New Open Access Journal!

Message from EiC of Transactions on NanoBioscience

Highlights of IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine

2015 Distinguished Lecturers


Call for Council Officer Nominations

It is hoped that by this web-based NTC Newsletter, nanotechnology related R&D, commercialization and education can be effectively promoted for the benefits of humanity

Yonhua (Tommy) Tzeng
IEEE Fellow
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VP for Publications
IEEE Nanotechnology Council
May 1, 2015

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