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Extended Call for Nominations for 2022 Distinguished Lecturers

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) is seeking nominations for additional 2022 distinguished lecturers. The nomination deadline is 18-Feb-2022. For details see the NTC DL page.

The NTC has created a distinguished lecturers program to enhance the visibility of NTC among nanotechnology societies. The NTC Distinguished Lecturers (DL) are appointed to honor excellent speakers who have made technical, industrial or entrepreneurial contributions of high quality to the field of nanotechnology and science, and to enhance the technical programs of the Nanotechnology Council chapters and conferences. Consideration is given to having a well-balanced variety of speakers who can address a wide range of topics of current interest in the fields covered by the Society.

The Lecturers serve for a one year term (until 31-December). DLs are expected to give a minimum of 2 lectures per year as part of their commitment to serve and may be reappointed for one additional year with the approval of the NTC Distinguished Lecturer Committee. A budget will be provided to each Lecturer to give lectures for NTC Chapters and NTC Conferences based on the availability of funding through the NTC.

Candidates for DLs may be nominated by any current IEEE member, using the IEEE NTC Distinguished Lecturer Nomination Form. Self-nomination is not accepted. Endorsements are not required but are recommended.

The selection of distinguished lectures will be made by the Distinguished Lecturer Committee, a subcommittee of the Education Committee chaired by the VP Educational Activities, and approved by the NTC ExCom.

Please submit the nomination by midnight (US Pacific Time) on 18 February 2022, via email to the VP Educational Activities, Lixin Dong, using the form found on the website.


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