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WEBINAR: Magnetic Particle Hyperthermia – Region 8 IEEE NTC YP

Webinar has been scheduled for February 16 by the Region 8 Young Professional (YP) of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC).

Topic:Magnetic Particle Hyperthermia: A versatile platform in modern Biomedicine

with Prof. Makis Angelakeris, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Date: Wednesday 16th February 2022 at 11:00 AM (GMT+2) (3AM PST, 6AM ET)



Magnetic Particle Hyperthermia is worldwide accepted as one of the least invasive cancer treatments.

The idea behind this modality is the interaction between magnetic entities, namely nanostructures with an externally applied magnetic field. Nanostructures are dictated to orient according to field direction. Thus, a bi-directional magnetization reversal occurs as alternating field oscillates, typically with a kHz frequency. Magnetization reversal in nanostructures produces energy losses (heat) in the surroundings.

Such heat, if adequately driven and selectively delivered to malignant regions may initiate specific cellular pathways concluding to apoptosis or even necrosis. To augment the field-nanostructure interaction and deliver the maximum possible heat, one has to seek for the best combination of magnetic nanomaterials and magnetic fields.

First, different features of nanomaterials such as structure, size, morphology to promote enhanced magnetic heating and second which magnetic field parameters may be fine-tuned to further optimize magnetic heating efficiency will be discussed.

Second, I will discuss current constraints of magnetic particle hyperthermia such as selectivity and regionality and propose alternative ways to confront them.

To conclude, case studies of Magnetic Particle Hyperthermia applicability schemes and how magnetic particle hyperthermia may play a role as a versatile multifunctional platform in modern biomedicine where heat excess may be the trigger for drug delivery or cell regeneration will be shown.



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