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Announcing 2023 Distinguished Lecturers

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council is pleased to announce the appointments of Distinguished Lecturers for 2023.

Lecturer details can be found on the Distinguished Lecturers 2023 page. For more information see the Description of the NTC DL program.


DL Name Topic(s)
Xiangfeng Duan 1. 2D Transistors: Promises, Problems, and Prospects
Zetian Mi 1. Nanoscale and Quantum Engineering of III-nitrides for High Efficiency UV Optoelectronics and Micro LEDs
Jiming Bao 1. Cubic Boron Arsenide (cBAs): a Promising Semiconductor for Next Generation Electronics
Xiaoying Zhuang 1. Machine Learning Based Multiscale Exploration and Characterization of 2D materials
Li Tao 1. Emerging Low dimensional Materials and Devices for Wearable IoTs and Healthcare Applications in the Post Moore Era
Zenghui Wang 1. A Vibrant New World Exploring New Physics and Materials with Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS)



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