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2022 IEEE NTC Technical Activities Workshops

2022 IEEE NTC Technical Activities Workshops (TAW)

by Xiaoning Jiang, Kremena Makasheva, Weiqiang Liu, and Edward Perkins

The goal of NTC TAW initiative is to establish a mentoring/training program that will support TC chairs and society representatives to be more effectively involved in and support NTC technical activities (TAs) at the end of the long COVID-19 pandemic that has caused numerous challenges in NTC technical activities. The IEEE NTC TAW initiative was approved by NTC in 2022 and NTC TAWs were scheduled for 2022 and 2023, with the expectation that all NTC TC chairs and member society representatives can attend at least one TAW during their TC chair or society representative terms. Dr. Xiaoning Jiang, VP TA, Dr. Kremena Makasheva, past VP TA and VP-elect Conference, and Dr. Weiqiang Liu, VP-elect TA were the key organizers for 2022 NTC TAWs.

The first NTC TAW was held on Nov. 3-4, 2022, Espaces Vanel, Toulouse, France, with Dr. Kremena Makasheva as Local Chair. 5 NTC TC chairs/TC chair representatives, 6 NTC member society representatives, 7 NTC Officers, the NTC Secretary, 3 Standing Committees Chairs and 3 EICs (16 in-person participants, and 8 recorded and remote presenters) attended the 2022 IEEE NTC TAW-Toulouse.

All present TC chairs or TC chair representatives (Dr. Xiaogan Liang (TC03 Nanofabrication), Dr. Inkyu Park (TC07 Nanosensors and Nanoactuators), Dr. Roza Kotlyar (TC10 Modeling and Simulation), Dr. Dustin Allen Gilbert (TC12 Nanomagnetics), and Dr. James B. Spicer (TC15 Nano-acoustic devices, Proc. and Materials) and member society representatives (Dr. Juan Ren (CS), Dr. Kremena Makasheva (DEIS), Dr. Val Novosad (MAG), Dr. Luca Pierantoni (MTT), Dr. John P. Verbencoeur (NPS), Dr. Weidong Zhou (IPS)) introduced themselves at the beginning of the workshop, as well as the TCs and member societies.

Lectures were then given by the NTC President (Dr. Fabrizio Lombardi, remote), Past President (Dr. James Morris, remote), VP Finances (Dr. Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, remote), VP for Conference (Dr. Jin-Woo Kim, in-person), VP for Educational Activities (Dr. Lixin Dong, recorded and Dr. James Spicer, in-person for TryNANO), VP for Technical Activities (Dr. Xiaoning Jiang, in-person), VP for Publications (Dr. Supriyo Bandyopadhyay (with Kremena’s in-person introduction)), Secretary (Mr. Ed Perkins, in-person), EICs of NTC publications (Dr. Sorin Cotofana, in-person for TNANO, Dr. Jin-Woo Kim, in-person for OJ NANO, Dr. Bing Sheu for INM (presented by Dr. Xiaoning Jiang)), NTC conference general chairs (Dr. Jin-Woo Kim for NANO 2023), Chair for NTC YPs Committee (Dr. Rafal Sliz, remote), Chair for NTC Chapters (Dr. Lan Fu, recorded), and Chair for NTC Standards Committee (Mr. Tyler Jaynes, in-person).

Through these presentations, the TC chairs and member society representatives were able to understand better the NTC Technical Activities associated with TCs and member societies. Discussions were centered around the needs for technical activities from TCs and member societies, the gap between the needs and the support the TCs can provide, and how to bridge the gap so that more impactful NTC TAs can be resulted for sustainable NTC growth.

On Nov. 17, 2022, the NTC TAW-Nanjing was held in Zhenbao Holiday Hotel in Nanjing, China. The workshop was chaired by Dr. Weiqiang Liu, NTC VP-Elect for Technical Activities and co-organized by Dr. Xiaoning Jiang, NTC VP for Technical Activities and Dr. Kremena Makasheva, NTC VP-Elect for Conferences. The workshop included two sessions. In the morning session, the current NTC officers presented an overview of NTC, starting with a general description by Mr. Edward G. Perkins (NTC Secretary, remote), and followed by VP for Conferences (Dr. Jin-Woo Kim, remote), VP Technical Activities (Dr. Xiaoning Jiang, remote), VP for Educational Activities (Dr. Lixin Dong, remote), VP for Publications (Dr. Supriyo Bandyopadhyay, recorded), VP Finance (Dr. Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, recorded), and the NTC chapters (Dr. Lan Fu, recorded).

In the afternoon session, the chairs of TC02 Nano-biomedicine (Dr. Haibo Yu), TC09 Nano-Metrology and Characterization (Dr. Peng Li), TC13 Nano Energy, Environment and Safety (Dr. Zhan Yang), TC14 Nanoscale communications (Dr. Lin Lin) introduced their TCs in terms of the TC organization, the technical and educational activities. Then, the society representatives including Communications Society (Dr. Lingyang Song), Industrial Electronics Society (Dr. Yunjia Li), Computer Society (Dr. Weiqiang Liu) presented the overview of their societies. The general chair of IEEE NMDC 2022, Dr. Li Tao presented the preparation process of the conference and shared the experience on organizing a NTC conference. The EiC of NTC e-Newsletter, Dr. Ke Chen introduced the newsletter and related social medias.

After all presentations, the attendees discussed some emerging topics for the coming NTC conference and publications. It was also suggested to form a multimedia team to manage all the NTC social media. It is expected to have a tightly coupled NTC ecology based on active TCs and Chapters to supports the NTC conferences, publications and educational activities.

The 2023 IEEE NTC TAW is being planned to be in conjunction with IEEE NANO 2023 in Jeju, Korea. TC chairs and member society representatives who missed the 2022 TAWs are warmly welcome to attend 2023 TAW.

The short-term outcome of NTC TAWs can be measured by increasing the number and the attendance of special sessions for NTC conferences such as NANO 2023, NMDC 2023, NANO 2024 and NMDC 2024, and special issues for NTC journals and magazine. The long-term outcome will be measured by more impactful TAs associated with NTC educational activities, publication and conferences and the sustainable growth of NTC, keeping in that way the leadership of NTC in Nanotechnology field.


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