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2022 Technical Committee Award to TC-06 Nanoelectronics

Congratulations to TC-06 on Nanoelectronics, 2022 TC Award Winner!

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council Technical Committee Award is a recognition for the work accomplished by one of the IEEE NTC TCs during 2-year period. The NTC TCs serve as focal points for research in specific areas of Nanotechnology. The technical activities developed by the NTC TCs are highly appreciated because of their impact in the scientific, literary and educational events coordinated by IEEE NTC.

It is our pleasure to announce that the 2022 NTC TC Award is accorded to NTC TC06 Nanoelectronics chaired by Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske (left). Without any doubt we can say that the nanoelectronics technologies have made great impacts on human activities through every sector of the modern industry.

At present TC06 promotes technical activities associated with novel electronic and thermal phenomena in materials and devices at the nanoscale, including low-dimensional materials and quantum effects for the purpose of efficient device and memory functionality. Of importance are trends and benchmarking considerations for moving beyond Moore’s law. In the last two years the NTC TC06 Nanoelectronics succeeded in starting new initiatives and promoting technological innovation and excellence in nanotechnology for the benefit of humanity through numerous conference, publications, education, and outreach activities including organizing NTC conferences, editing special issues in NTC publications, creating a new chapter and hosting a summer school. Thank you for your effort!

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