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New Chapters and Regional Coordinators

The IEEE NTC is expanding worldwide through the addition of new chapters. The Council has begun a three-year initiative to increase significantly the number of NTC Chapters worldwide. The NTC is pleased to announce the formations of these new Section and Student chapters. If you are located in the area, the local contact is listed. The complete list of NTC chapters and contacts is on the website:

New Section Chapters

  • Nanjing Section and Zhejiang Subsection Joint Section – NTC Hangzhou Chapter

Formed on 2/11/2021. Chapter contact is Yuda Zhao

  • Bombay Section NTC Chapter

Formed on 3/8/2021. Chapter contact is Subhananda Chakrabarti

  • Kolkata Section and Patna Subsection and Patna Subsection Joint Section Chapter

Formed on 4/15/2021. Chapter contact: Saurabh Pandey

  • United Kingdom and Ireland Section Chapter

Formed on 3/30/2021. Chapter contact: Mohsen Rahmani

New Student Chapters

  • Indian Institute of Technology-Indore – Student Branch Chapter, Bombay Section.

Formed on 4/14/2021. Chapter contact: Shaibal Mukherjee

  • IEEE Indian Institute of Technology – Jodhpur . Student Branch Chapter, IEEE Dehli Section,

Formed on 4/15/2021. Chapter contact: Anurag Dwivedi


If you are interested in starting an NTC Chapter, contact the Chapters Chair, Lan Fu . She can help you with the petition process and chapter startup activities. Support is also available to train new chapter officers on the use of IEEE resources such as vTools to facilitate activities.

More areas in the world are becoming involved in nanotechnology-related science, engineering and study and interested organizers are welcomed to file petitions to form chapters here. Or contact one of the Regional coordinators below.

Regional Activities & Chapters Committee Chair
Lan Fu, Australian National University

Regional Chapter Coordinators:



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