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Quantum, Neuromorphic, and Unconventional Computing TC

Quantum, Neuromorphic, and Unconventional Computing TC

Quantum, Neuromorphic, and Unconventional Computing Technical Committee (TC 16)

TC16 is dedicated to serve as an interdisciplinary guide for scientists working in quantum, neuromorphic and unconventional computing with the main goal to bring researchers of the three different communities to create a common language. In addition, TC16 will focus on the role of nanotechnology, in term of solutions, which can impact the developments of those computational paradigms.

TC-16 has been awarded at the IEEE NANO 2023 conference with the “Best Technical Committee Award”.

The committee is particularly interested in addressing:

  1. Preparing roadmaps on the application of emerging technologies such as superconductors, photonics, quantum, and spintronics for unconventional computing paradigms such as neuromorphic computing and quantum computing.
  2. Exploring the synergy between emerging technologies and unconventional computing needs by co-exploring physical principles for novel technologies in coordination with computing and processing frameworks in the emerging, unconventional computing systems
  3. Exploring the potential of emerging technologies for social and environmental benefits such as pervasive natural habitat monitoring, low carbon footprint computing systems, and personal cognitive assistants for disabled and elderlies.

To serve the community we will also collects and share links to relevant materials.

Current Activities:

  • Call for Papers: We are organizing a special issue on “Neuromorphic Computing” in the IEEE Transactions of Nanotechnology. The deadline for paper submission is September 30, 2021. Please consider submitting here:
  • Roadmap for Emerging Technologies-based Unconventional Computing: A perspective paper on the potential of emerging technologies such as photonics, superconducting materials, and spintronic for unconventional computing paradigms such as neuromorphic and quantum computing is coming up. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • Workshop on Unconventional Computing with Emerging Technologies: A virtual workshop on unconventional computing with emerging technologies was held on June 11, 2021. Schedule and recording of the workshop can be found here.


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Past activities:

June 11th, 2021. Kickoff Meeting: TC-16 on Quantum, Neuromorphic and Unconventional Computing. If you have missed the talks see them in YouTube (


Committee Participants


Giovanni FinocchioUniversity of Messina,


Supriyo BandyopadhyayVirginia Commonwealth University,
Kerem CamsariUniversity of California, Santa Barbara,
Amit Ranjan TrivediUniversity of Illinois at Chicago,
Aida Todri SanialEindhoven University of Technology, The
Nikhil ShuklaUniversity of Virginia,
Brajesh Kumar KaushikIndian Institute of Technology, Indiabrajesh.kaushik
Moitreyee Mukherjee-RoyIBM,
Kremena MakashevaCNRS, LAPLACE,
Vito PuliafitoPolitecnico di Bari,
Sorin CorofanaDelft University of Technology, The
Guilherme P. TemporãoPontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro,
Zhu YaoA*STAR,