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Modeling and Simulation TC

Modeling and Simulation TC

Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee (TC 10)

In recent years, modeling and simulation of nanoscale devices and materials have gone through a tremendous development of sophisticated methodologies in order to overcome traditional barriers between scientific disciplines such as biophysics, chemistry, physics, material sciences and engineering. As a result, these pioneering approaches that span from quasi-analytical, semi-classical, quantum mechanical to hybrid bio-physics simulation methods, have become increasingly interdisciplinary with applications in conventional as well as in unconventional technological areas.

With the growing costs of fabrication and characterization techniques, numerical and physical modeling progressively take an important part in both device and material design. Hence, over the last decade, advances in raw processing power have seen intense activity in computational experiments to understand and probe the physics of device operation to gain intuition as to how critical design parameters control device characteristics. At the same time, these computational experiments as new teaching methodologies play a vital role in educating the next generation of science and engineering students. The Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee of the Nanotechnology Council develops activities in order to meet these challenges and to enhance the leadership of NTC in the field.

We are looking for new committee members both from academia and industry who focus on Modeling & Simulation (not experiments). Committee members review submissions for the IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) publications, help / lead organization of special sessions in IEEE NTC conferences etc. If you have the time, energy and an interest in leading TC-10 activities, please send an e-mail to the TC-10 Chair.

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Roza KotlyarStardust
M. P. AnantramUniversity of Washington,
Marc CahayUniversity of
Yong-Hoon KimKorea Advanced Institute of Science and
Jean-Pierre LeburtonUniversity of Illinois at
Ersin Emre OrenTOBB University of Economics and Technology,
Noor E Karishma ShaikUniversity of