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Emerging Plasma Nanotechnologies TC

Emerging Plasma Nanotechnologies Technical Committee (TC 17)

In this TC, we plan to organize technical sessions in IEEE NTC conferences, special issues in IEEE NTC journals, online-seminars, tutorials (short course) and the formulation of a roadmap (book) on modern and emerging plasma nanomanufacturing technologies. As a result, we would like to clarify the importance and necessity of plasma nanomanufacturing technologies and contribute to increasing the number of plasma nanomanufacturing researchers in the nanotechnology research area.

Topics of Interest
1. Atomic Layer Etching
2. Atomic Layer Deposition
3. Atomic Layer Modification
4. Doping, Nanoparticle Formation
5. Nanostructure Fabrication and Analysis
6. Electron/Optical/Spintronics/Quantum device
7. Quantum Computing
8. Bio-medical Applications

To fabricate high performance nanodevices and nano-systems, atomic layer and damage-free plasma nanomanufacturing technologies are indispensable. For this purpose, it is essential to develop methods for generating and transporting charged particles, UV photons, and reactive species on the surface to suppress damages and to control atomic layer surface chemical reactions in plasma processing. Achieving control of atomic layer surface chemical reactions requires diagnostics and sensors for both the plasma and resultant surface states but also models (phenomenological to first principles) that can predict process results. Therefore, our final target is intelligent plasma nanomanufacturing technologies.

Seiji SamukawaTohoku
John P. VerboncoeurMichigan State
Uros CvelbarJozef Stefan
Masaharu ShirataniKyushu
Peter VentzekTokyo Electron America
Kremena MakashevaLAPLACE, CNRS, Université Paul Sabatier,
Jong-Shinn WuNational Chiao Tung
Tony MurphyCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research