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Call for Award Nominations

Best PhD Thesis Award


IEEE Nanotechnology Council Best PhD Thesis Award in Nanotechnology

(established in 2022)

All nomination materials must reach the Education Awards Committee by March 1st each year.

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Description: This annual award recognizes a PhD thesis in nanotechnology with remarkable technology innovation or excellence which should have led to publications in NTC venues including journals and conferences. Any member with no conflict of interest (i.e. advisor-advisee relationship) with any member of the NTC ExCom, NTC Education Committee, or NTC Technical Committees can submit a nomination to the Award Committee for this award. Self-nominations are not allowed. The awardee will be selected by a committee composed of the Chair and 3 members. The Chair is appointed by the NTC President with recommendation from the VP of Educational Activities. The Chair appoints the committee members with approval by the NTC President.

Prize: Total honorarium of $500 and a certificate. Only one allowable recipient selected annually

Eligibility: The author of a nominated thesis must be an IEEE member and NTC participant for at least one year. Only materials from the thesis published in NTC sponsored publications (journals/magazines and NTC financially sponsored conferences) will be considered.

The author of the best PhD thesis in nanotechnology must have graduated within the past 3 years, and not be advised by a voting member of the NTC Executive Committee (ExCom) or a member of the Best PhD Awards Evaluation Committee.

A thesis can be nominated for this award only once. Unsuccessful nominations cannot be carried over or re-submitted over the following years.

There are no other requirements.

Basis for Judging: Each member of the Committee, evaluates each nomination on several aspects, including but not limited to: impact, quality of writing and presentation, relevance of the topic, its influence in nanotechnology based communities.

The range of the score by each member of the committee is from 0-5. The Chair will generate for each nomination a scoring table (with averages) to be distributed to voting members of the Committee. The Committee will rank a final pool of up to 3 nominated papers and recommend the winner. The nominations and recommendations will be presented in a report to the NTC ExCom for voting in its May meeting. The Committee Chair will not vote except to break ties.

Presentation: The award will be presented at the annual IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology (NANO) banquet. Attendance is mandatory to receive the award, but no travel allowance is provided.


  • Submission of nominations: Email by March 1st to the Education Awards Chair,
    Yu Sun
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    Canada Research Chair Micro & Nano Engineering Systems
    Robotics Institute Director
    University of Toronto, M5S 3G8, Canada
  • Committee’s award recommendation(s): April 1st
  • Notification to awardee(s): May 15th

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