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Call for 2023 NTC New Awards Nominations

New Awards Nominations are due 1 MARCH 2023  APRIL 15, 2023

The Nanotechnology Council (NTC) has received approvals to offer these new awards starting in 2023:

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) is soliciting nominations for these Awards. See the Awards page for  more information on all the NTC’s awards. To view the full detailed listing of each award please visit the Awards nominations page. Awards are presented at the IEEE-NANO conference.

Nominations for these awards are due on 1 MARCH 2023 APRIL 15, 2023. (Deadline for other NTC awards remains as 1 October.) Nominators should utilize the forms associated with each award description found on the website. Please make sure that nominators and references specifically address contributions, impact, and evidence related to the Basis for Judgment associated with each award.

Best PhD Thesis Award in Nanotechnology

Description: This annual award recognizes a PhD thesis in nanotechnology with remarkable technology innovation or excellence which should have led to publications in NTC venues including journals and conferences. Any member with no conflict of interest (i.e. advisor-advisee relationship) with any member of the NTC ExCom, NTC Education Committee, or NTC Technical Committees can submit a nomination to the Award Committee for this award. Self-nominations are not allowed. Requires three references.

Best-Paper Award for the IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine

Description: This annual award recognizes a highly influential and impactful article of the highest quality published in the IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine (INM) in the preceding 2 calendar years. (For example, the 2023 award recognizes a paper published in 2021 or 2022.) Note: Nominations accepted from any current or past member of the INM Editorial Board within the last 3 years ONLY. No self-nominations. Requires three references.

Test of Time Publication Award

Description: This annual award recognizes a highly influential, widely visible, and impactful article of the highest quality which appeared in any Nanotechnology Council managed journal, magazine, or financially sponsored conference proceedings between 10 years and 25 years ago. Note: Nominations from any Editorial Board member of any NTC publication within the last 25 years ONLY. No self-nominations. Requires three reference letters.

Technical Achievement Award(s)

Description: This annual award recognizes individuals with outstanding and innovative contributions to the different areas of nanotechnology that are represented by technical committees (TCs) as organizational entities of the Nanotechnology Council (NTC), usually within the past 10 and not more than 15 years. Note: Nominations from any member of the NTC Technical Activities Committee within the last three years (including the nomination year) ONLY. No self-nominations. Up to 3 awards will be presented each year.  Requires three reference letters.

Best Paper Award for the IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology

Description: An annual best paper award to recognize a paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (T-NANO) that is remarkable by its novelty, scientific merit, and potential impact. This award will encourage submission of excellent papers to the journal, and reward outstanding submissions. Note: Nominations by members of the T-NANO Editorial Board ONLY.


For further information please see the NTC Awards page or contact the Award Chair for each award on its Nomination page.


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