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2022 IEEE NTC Forum on Nanotechnology Focus – Nanotechnology for Soft Electronics

2022 IEEE NTC Forum on Nanotechnology Focus – Nanotechnology for Soft Electronics

By Yong Zhu, Cunjiang Yu, and Xiaoning Jiang

The 2022 NTC Forum on Nanotechnology Focus was held on Dec. 7-8, 2022 in StateView Hotel, Raleigh, NC, with Dr. Yong Zhu at NC State and Dr. Cunjiang Yu at Penn State as Co-Chairs. The 2022 NTC Forum topic was identified as “Nanotechnology for Soft Electronics”, considering that soft electronics has been emerging rapidly as one of the future directions for electronic devices while nanotechnology has been playing a critical role in this emerging field.

Total 13 invited speakers presented their recent findings and future perspectives of soft electronics during the 1.5-day 2022 NTC Forum. One plenary talk and 12 invited presentations were given at 3 sessions. The Plenary presentation title and speaker are:

  • Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Bioelectronic Medicines, by John Rogers, Northwestern University

Front row: Aaron Franklin, Cunjiang Yu, Xiaoyu Ni, John Rogers, Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, Sungwoo Nam, Wenzhuo Wu. Back row: Xiaoning Jiang, Wynn Legon, Wubin Bai, Yong Zhu (L to R).


The invited presentation titles and speakers are:

  • 3D curvy electronics based on conformal additive stamp printing, by Cunjiang Yu, Penn State University
  • High-Speed Fabrication of Organometallic Halide Perovskite Optoelectronic Devices on Ubiquitous Substrates Using Printing or Handwriting, by Chuan Wang, Washington University at St. Louis
  • Carbon nanomaterials-based wearable and implantable sensors and energy devices for broad healthcare applications, by Amay Bandodkar, NC State University
  • Hybrid nanomanufacturing of self-powered human-integrated sensors, by Wenzhuo Wu, Purdue University
  • Metal Nanowire based Soft Electronics: Material, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, by Yong Zhu, NC State University
  • Emerging Designs for Organic Infrared Photodetectors and Energy Storage, by Tse Nga (Tina) Ng, UC San Diego
  • Deformable electronics based on strain-engineered van der Waals materials, by Sungwoo Nam, UC Irvine
  • Opportunities for nanotechnology in therapeutic ultrasound?, by Wynn Legon, Virginia Tech
  • Nanotechnology enabled flexible ultrasound transducers, by Xiaoning Jiang, NC State University
  • A dynamically reprogrammable surface with self-evolving shape morphing, by Xiaoyue Ni, Duke University
  • Print-in-place and Recyclable Electronics from Nanomaterials, by Aaron Franklin, Duke University
  • Morphable Electronic Systems via Deterministic Microfolding, by Wubin Bai, UNC Chapel Hill


Professor John Rogers is delivering the plenary presentation.


During a panel discussion.


Three panel discussions were centered on the role of nanotechnology in soft electronics, history, current status and future perspectives of soft electronics.

The 2022 NTC Forum participants decided to organize a special symposium at IEEE NANO 2023, and to consider establishing a new NTC TC on nanotechnology for soft electronics.


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