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Announcing 2017 Montreal Nanotechnology Summer School

Full details:

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The 2017 IEEE N3 Summer school will be held in Montréal, Canada, from Monday, June 26 till Friday, June 30 2017.

The aim of the school is to provide graduate students and early career researchers in nanotechnology a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts that underpin the properties of nanomaterials, the opportunities afforded by advanced characterization tools and the prospects of nanoscale devices. Our lectures will be structured so as to impart a broad set of concepts, starting from the design of nanomaterials, their synthesis using various approaches, the characterization of their structure and properties, their integration into devices and device testing and optimization.

The N3 School is designed to appeal to senior undergraduates; graduate students; post-docs; and researchers and practitioners at the early stages of their careers who are eager to deepen and broaden heir skills in nanotechnology ranging from nanoscale synthesis to characterization to device fabrication and testing.

Program session details and abstracts can be found here:

Registration Fees

 Category Early (Until April 25, 2017) Regular (After April 25, 2017)
Student 250 CAD$ 290 CAD$
IEEE Member 350 CAD$ 400 CAD$
Non IEEE Member 460 CAD$ 520 CAD$

Speaker Lineup

Speaker biographies can be found here:

Speaker Affiliation
A. Badia University of Montreal, Canada
F. Cicoira Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
S. Francoeur Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
A. Govorov Ohio U , USA
Jin-Woo Han NASA Ames Research Centre, USA
S. Kasap U Saskatoon, Canada
N. Kherani University of Toronto, Canada
D. Ma INRS, Canada
V. Meunier Rensselaer
J. Morris Portland State University, USA
O. Moutanabbir Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
F. Nabki ETS, Canada
Marcelo Orlandi UNESP, Brazil
D. Perepichka McGill University, Canada
John C. Polanyi Canada
N. Serpone Concordia University, Canada
A. Tavares INRS, Canada
Lionel Vayssieres International Research Center for Renewable Energy, Jiaotong U, Xi’an, China
T. Veres CNRC, Canada
F. Vetrone INRS, Canada
Paul Weiss UCLA, USA
Tak Sing Wong Pennsylvania State University, USA
John T.W. Yeow University of Waterloo, Canada
A. Yurtsever INRS, Canada
M. Fréchette IREQ, Canada


Montréal is a vibrant city where European and North American architectures perfectly blend to make it a city like no other in the world. Founded in 1642 on the banks of the St-Lawrence River, Montréal is the 8th largest city in North America and the second largest francophone metropolis after Paris. One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Montréal has a dynamic character featuring magnificent skyscrapers, quaint early 18th century buildings of European inspiration, abundant wildlife and unspoiled nature, all found within walking distance. Home to many important tourist attractions, festivals and cultural events, Montréal is also known to offer the best nightlife in North America.

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