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  1. Sunil Krishnan says:

    * What applications of nanotechnology do you foresee to have the highest impact on job creation ? Short(less than 5 years), medium(5-10 years) and long term(10 years and beyond) ?
    Short-term -> biomedical, energy (green – includes fuel cells, solar, etc), ?cosmetics
    Medium-term -> biomedical, energy, sustainable living (agriculture, packaging of goods, cleaner air/water/food, etc)
    Long-term -> biomedical, energy, sustainable living, space

    * What are the challenges to commercialization of nanotechnology innovations?
    safety concerns related to the environment, the community, and the individual (in clinical applications)
    lack of integrated programs where engineers, environmental scientists, clinicians, toxicologists, etc can work together – from graduate training programs to centers of excellence to funding of such initiatives

    * What would you like to see the US Govt do in terms of nanotechnology R&D, infrastructure and education investments ?
    encourage cross-discipline training for students (establish and fund such programs)
    encourage establishment of centers of excellence that are truly cross-disciplinary
    fund such initiatives – small seed monies & if progress noted, fund the next stage
    be vigilant about clinical applications in the absence of sounds scientific rationale and good preclinical evidence (begin with palliative scenarios)

    * Any other thoughts ?

    Sunil Krishnan
    University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

  2. Yanliang says:

    Has the program for IEEE-NEMS 2011 come out already?

    MIE UToronto

  3. Caterin Salas Redondo says:

    Given the interest of several students from Colombia Section in the area of Nanoscience and visible increase in production and work on the subject in our country, I come to you to see the following:

    1 – What are the requirements for re-activation of CNN?
    2 – It is as an affinity group or council?

    Thank you in advance for you attention.

    Caterin Salas Redondo

  4. Davide Mariotti says:

    I am interested in the possibility of establishing a UK/Ireland section chapter for the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. Please advise.

    Davide Mariotti
    Univerisity of Ulster (UK)