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Nanopackaging TC

Nanopackaging Technical Committee

Nanopackaging is defined as the packaging of modules and systems with nanomaterials and processes to form components with improved properties, functionality, reliability and cost.

The mission of the Nanopackaging TC is to be the focal point for dissemination of scientific and  applications advances of nanotechnology as it relates  to all areas of packaging including:

  • Materials at nanoscale: e.g. nanoparticles, nanocomposites, CNTs, nanowires, graphene, etc.,
  • Structures: interconnects, functional components for power, RF, thermal, reliability, high-density and flexible substrates
  • Devices and Systems: bioelectronics, power modules, high-bandwidth computing and communications, flexible packaging

To these ends, it will promote the application of nanotechnologies to electronics packaging in  the EPS and NTC communities.

Visit the Nanopackaging TC website here.


Raj Pulugurtha Florida International University, Miami
Jian Cai Tsinghua University
KarlHeinz Bock University of Berlin