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Nanopackaging TC

Nanopackaging Technical Committee (TC 11)

The mission of the Nano Committee is to be the focal point for dissemination of technical advances and applications of nanotechnology for electronic packaging applications. As systems move to heterogenous integration for achieving the functional density, miniaturization, power and bandwidth requirements, nanopackaging of system components in thin modules becomes extremely critical. This affects all the applications: computing, power, 5G-6G and THz communications, sensing for healthcare and security. Nanopackaging provides solutions to achieve new component functions and their integration to realize future complex systems. To these ends, Nanopackaging TC will nurture the application of nanotechnologies to electronics packaging in IEEE EPS and NTC. Focus: materials, structures, functions, or processes of dimensions less than 100nm, e.g. nanoparticles, CNTs, nanowires, graphene, etc, for cooling, interconnect, mechanical enhancement, fabrication, etc.

Note: The Nanotechnology Council Nanopackaging TC, the EPS Nanotechnology TC, and the NANO conference Nanopackaging program committee operate as one committee.

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Name Surname Affiliation Email
Chair Attila Bonyar Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  Jian Cai Tsinghua University,
Markondeya Raj Pulugurtha Florida International University
Members James Morris Portland State
  Jason Wang Heraeus
  Maffucci Antonio UNICAS
  Stephen O’Brien CUNY
  Alfred Zinn Kuprion Inc
  Vincent Desmaris Smoltek
  Chuck Bauer Tech Lead Corp
  Devarajan Balaraman CREE
  CP Wong Georgia Tech
Nazanin Akter Florida International University
Karlhienz Bock TU-Dresden,