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Nanofabrication TC

Nanofabrication Technical Committee (TC 3)

Chair: Wei Wu, University of Southern California, USA, email:

Nanofabrication TC Vision and Strategy
Nanofabrication technologies and nanofabrication sciences have made great progresses in the past several decades. They have mainly been fueled by the semiconductor industry to keep pace with the “Moore’s law”. In return, nanofabrication technologies have made great impacts on everyone’s lives through semiconductor industry. Although the end of the roadmap may be getting closer, nanofabrication technologies have reached the stage that they can be used in much broader applications, such as sensing, bio-medical devices and human-machine interface. It is just the start of a new era for nanofabrication technologies and knowledge to make an even greater and broader technological, economical and social impacts on our society.

Nanofabrication technology TC focuses on promoting technological innovation and excellence in nanotechnology for the benefit of humanity through participations in NTC conferences, publications and other outreach and education activities. Moreover, we also emphasis on global collaborations, inclusion and diversity.

ChairXiaoganLiangUniversity of
Past ChairWeiWuUniversity of Southern
Co-ChairWenchuang (Walter)HuUT
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LiTaoSoutheast University,
BoxiangSongHuazhong University of Science and Technology,