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Nanotechnology for Computing

Nanocomputing is a term that is coined for the representation and manipulation of data by computers in the nanometer dimension; nanocomputing must rely on an in-dept investigation of nanotechnology for computing (NfC). All difficulties pertaining to computing at the nanoscale are also present when addressing NfC. At all levels, these considerations have led to completely new technological computational paradigms such as approximate, stochastic, probabilistic, neuromorphic, molecular, spintronic and bio-inspired. Over the last few years, NfC has started to play a significant role in the IEEE NTC (Nanotechnology Council) and a new NTC technical committee has been formed. The NTC is best positioned to take advantage of the technical diversity of the Council and its member societies. We have identified two types of new activities:

2022 Activity, The Advanced Research Meeting (ARM): in this event held in 2022 (October 21-22) in Heraklion (Greece), we have convened 23 experts from 13 countries. The technical program consisted of 5 sessions; moreover 5 panels (as round tables among all participants) were also held; session topics were nanodevices, nano computational schemes and circuits, nanoscale computing systems, emerging application techniques at nanoscales and nano neural networks. As a follow up to ARM, the following activities are currently being pursued:

  1. A compendium of the finding of the panels is being written for dissemination as an article in the IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine
  2. A Special Issue of IEEE TNANO has been distributed to all invited participants with the objective to have few review articles to cover past and current research as well as future directions of different topics of interest to NfC


2023 Workshop on NfC (WNfC): The two flagship technical meetings sponsored yearly by the NTC (NANO and NMDC) are organized by sessions (special and regular) with the involvement of the NTC Technical Committees. NANO and NMDC are single events with multiple parallel sessions. This arrangement has worked reasonably well over the years; however, technical conferences in the post COVID era must capture not only width but also depth. This is extremely important in nanotechnology, because the audience may be drawn from the physical sciences as well as engineering; hence such in-person yearly meetings must have a flexible organization to allow concurrent events (in this case a workshop) to be held. The WNfC will have its proceedings included as part of the host conference, i.e., NANO 2023 (Korea).

Therefore, the focus of this workshop is to highlight the most recent research developments on innovative technologies for the design and implementation of novel nanocomputing paradigms. It will provide a unique forum for the discussion of the latest research achievements in the multifaceted scientific field of nanocomputing, that may contribute to the future development of circuits, sensors and processors with improved performance compared to the current state-of-the-art. With the aim to enrich the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology 2023 (IEEE NANO 2023) program with a comprehensive overview of the latest technological achievements in this multidisciplinary research field, the proposed nanocomputing-centered scientific forum will host contributions from outstanding international experimentalists, engineers and designers, providing a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge, identify open issues, and propose future research directions across a wide number of different areas, from material engineering, to device physics, from circuit and systems, to circuit design and architecture.


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