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Announcing Distinguished Lecturers 2021

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council is pleased to announce the appointments of Distinguished Lecturers for 2021.

The list is below; details can be found on the Distinguished Lecturers 2021 page.

DL Name Topic(s)
Oluwaseyi Balogun* Nanometrology, Nanothermometry, and Imaging of Low Dimensional Materials using Plasmonic Nanofocusing Approaches
Reuven Gordon* Nanoplasmonics: Reaching out to the Single Molecule
Chengkuo Lee* Toward 5G based AI + IoT (AIoT) Society Enabled by NanoEnergy-NanoSystem (NENS) Technology
Zhang Li* Magnetic Nanoparticle Swarm for Active Delivery
P M (Markondeya Pulugurtha) Raj* Heterogeneous System Component Integration with Nanopackaging
Gwo-Bin Lee Micro/Nanofluidicsfor biological applications
Jin-Woo Han 1: Nanomaterials in Printed and Flexible Electronics
2: Nanoscale Vacuum Electronics: Back to the Future
Elena A. Rozhkova 1: Merging Nanotechnology & Synthetic Biology toward Directed Evolution of Energy Materials
2: Magnetic Nanostructures for Future Medicine: from Cell Actuation to Ultrasensitive Detection
3: Nano for BRAIN technologies
Han Wang* Novel Electronic and Photonic Devices based on Low-Dimensional Materials
Qing Zhang* Roles of Semiconductor Junctions in Mechanical-Electrical Power Conversion
* Re-appointment for second year.

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