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Announcing 2019 NTC Distinguished Lectures

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) has appointed its Distinguished Lectures for 2019.

IEEE Student Branches, NTC or member Society Chapters and NTC and member Society Conferences can request NTC Distinguished Lecturers (based on availability of funding).  See the Distinguished Lecture Program page for information.

New lectures for 2019:

Jr-Hau He, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; “Toward Highly Efficient Solar Water Splitting: A Concurrent Electrical, Optical, and Catalytic Design”

Chenzhong Li, National Science Foundation, Alexandria, VA, USA

  1. Biomedical Devices for Nano-Theranostics
  2. Bioelectronic and Biosensors-From Cell on a Chip to Point of Care Testings
  3. NanoBiosensing Research-Challenges, Opportunities, and Perspectives From USA National Science Foundations

Seiji Samukawa, Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan; “Creating Green Nanostructures and Nanomaterials for Advanced Energy Nanodevices”

Subramanian Sankaranarayanan, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL USA; “Bridging the electronic, atomistic and mesoscopic scales in materials modeling using machine learning”

Prof. Ved Ram Singh, National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, India

  1. Nano-sensor technology with IoT
  2. Advanced nanosensors and systems for u-health care
  3. Nano-Cancer Technology: New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices

Dmitri Strukov, ECE Department, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA USA; “Recent Results and Future Prospects for Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Inference Accelerators”


Continued from 2018:

Dominique Baillargeat, University of Limoges, France; “3D Radio-Frequency to millimeter wave heterogeneous system integration: Emerging nanotechnology for RF nanopackaging, the link between nanoscopic and macroscopic worlds?”

Samir Iqbal, Professor and Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering, Professor, School of Medicine, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

  1. Nanotextured Microfluidic Substrates to Interface Living Systems;
  2. Cancer Nanotechnology;
  3. Nanotextured Materials for Selective Biosensing

Xiaoning Jiang, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC;  “Nanoacoustics: Materials, Devices and Applications”

Xiao Wei Sun, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, College of Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, 1088 Xue-Yuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518055, China; “Colloidal Quantum Dots for Energy-Saving Quality Displays and Lighting”


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