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IEEE NAP-2022 International Conference Second Call & Update

2022 IEEE 12th International Conference on Nanomaterials: Application & Properties

Sept. 11-16, 2022, Galaxy Hotel, Kraków, Poland.

#IEEENAP Conference will be held on Sept. 11-16, 2022, in a hybrid format, with a “physical” meeting in GALAXY Hotel Kraków, Poland. Abstract submission deadline is extended till May 16th!

The Conference is organized through a partnership between the IEEE Nanotechnology Council, Silesian University of Technology, and Sumy State University, with endorsements and support from the IEEE Magnetics Society, the International Union for Pure & Applied Physics, and NANONET Foundation.

Covered Topics:
– Synthesis, Self-assembly, Nanofabrication & Nanomanufacturing;
– Electrochemistry;
– Micro- & Nanoscale Characterization;
– Carbon-based Nanomaterials;
– Multifunctional Thin Films & Coatings;
– Electronic, Photonic & Quantum Materials;
– Magnetic Materials & Spin-dependent Phenomena;
– Sensors & Nanodevices;
– Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology;
– Energy, Water & Environmental Applications;
– Theory & Modeling of Nanomaterials.

Plenary/Invited Speakers:

We are honored to host truly world-class Plenary Speakers, internationally recognized physicists, chemists, and materials science experts:
Prof. Anne M. Andrews, University of California, Los Angeles;
Prof. Sandro Carrara, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology;
Prof. Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University;
Prof. Laura H. Greene, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory & Florida State University;
Prof. Nicola Pinna, Humboldt University of Berlin;
Prof. Paul S. Weiss, University of California, Los Angeles.

Please visit the conference website with a complete list of our outstanding invited speakers.

Conference Awards:
The Best Presentation Award(s) “Rising Star in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology”, exclusively sponsored by Angstrom Engineering, Inc., the industry leader and supplier of reliable vacuum equipment, including physical and chemical vapor thin film deposition systems and instruments.

Best Conference Paper Award(s), exclusively sponsored by Nanomaterials, an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal published semimonthly online by MDPI.

“Nanoscience as Art” image contest.

To find more about these awards, the rules and eligibility please visit our website.

Promote and showcase your company, products and services with us:
The IEEE NAP-2022 Conference is a prime destination in Poland for leading international experts as well as local researchers, educators, and industry professionals in nanoscience, nanomaterials, and nanotechnology. This is still time to seize this unique opportunity to meet your existing and new customers and clients and promote your company, products, tools, and services while helping a noble cause of supporting the next generation of scientists and engineers! The sponsorship resources help to fund the IEEE NAP Conference’s “East Meets West” grant program, designed to ease the participation of Ph.D. students and other underrepresented categories of attendees and, very importantly, the participants from the war-affected region.

Important Dates:
May 16th, 2022: Abstracts submission deadline
May 31st, 2022: Papers submission deadline
June 10th, 2022: “East Meets West” grant support application deadline
July 15th, 2022: Early Bird Registration Fees deadline
July 31st, 2022: “Nanoscience as Art” Contest deadline
September 11th, 2022: Conference Welcome Reception in Galaxy Hotel
September 16th, 2022: Conference Closing & Award Ceremonies

Our Supporters & Sponsors:
• The IEEE Nanotechnology Council focuses on the advancement and coordination of work in the field of Nanotechnology. The Council is a multi-disciplinary group supporting the theory, design, and development of nanotechnology and its scientific, engineering, and industrial applications. The Council sponsors well-recognized, international conferences and publications. Through the Council’s sponsored activities, participants have the opportunity to publish and collaborate on research, network with colleagues, stay current on news and events, develop standards, and participate in educational activities. There are no membership requirements to join and participation in this Technical Council is free for current IEEE members!

• The IEEE Magnetics Society is the premier organization for professionals in magnetics research and technology. We are interested in all matters involved in the fundamental development, design, and application of magnetic devices and materials. IEEE Magnetics Society fosters exchange of information among its members and within the global technical community, including education and training of engineers and scientists. IEEE Magnetics Society was established in 1964. Today it has over 3,000 members and 40+ Chapters worldwide. We sponsor conferences, workshops, annual summer school for students, offer free books and publications, provide an international platform for networking with like-minded peers, recognize our members with career achievement awards, organize Distinguished Lecturers program and much more!

Angstrom Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1992 and has quickly grown into a thriving international company with an established reputation for providing high-quality machines and unparalleled customer service. Our PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) systems are created by our skilled and experienced engineering team. From single chamber PVD & CVD systems to multi-chamber, robotic cluster arrays, Angstrom Engineering, Inc. design and manufacture the scientific instruments that will make your lab more efficient, consistently creating the thin films your work requires.

Nanomaterials (ISSN 2079-4991; CODEN: NANOKO) is an international and interdisciplinary scholarly open-access journal. By publishing with us your benefits include:
High Visibility: indexed within Scopus, SCIE (Web of Science), PubMed, PMC, CAPlus / SciFinder, Inspec, and many other databases.
Journal Rank: JCR – Q1 (Physics, Applied) / CiteScore – Q1 (General Chemical Engineering).
Rapid publication: manuscripts are peer-reviewed, and a first decision is provided to authors approximately 15.8 days after submission; acceptance to publication is undertaken in 3.4 days (median values for papers published in this journal in the second half of 2021).
Impact Factor: 5.076 (2020) ; 5-Year Impact Factor: 5.346 (2020).

• The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics is an international non-governmental organization whose mission is to assist in the worldwide development of physics, foster international cooperation in physics, and help in the application of physics toward solving problems of concern to humanity. The IEEE NAP Conference supports the International Union of Pure and Applied Physicists (IUPAP) Policy on Free Circulation of Scientists and the IUPAP policy statement on harassment at conferences.

NANONET Foundation was established as a source of reliable information, allowing to discover and experience the nano-world. Created by volunteers, it aims at promoting the development of entrepreneurship based on new technologies and, furthermore, at popularising the results of research and development works conducted in the field of nanotechnology. The Nanonet Foundation, established in 2006, includes scientists, young researchers, Ph.D. and undergraduate students, business leaders, research organizations from the public and private sectors, and many other professionals with various backgrounds. It aims to achieve its goals through taking part in public meetings, science fairs, and conferences, stimulating public debate on related topics, publishing activities, running the chief portal focused on nanotechnology in Poland, and networking between different actors in order to assist in collaboration.

Do not miss this opportunity to share your research results or showcase your technology while learning firsthand about the most recent trends and international advances in nanoscience and nanomaterials and enjoying the historic majesty and unsurpassed beauty of the ever-young city of Kraków!


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