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2019 Outstanding NTC Chapter Award Goes to the Inaugural Chapter

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

by Nick Massetti, NTC Chapters Chair

The San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council Chapter was awarded the 2019 Outstanding Chapter Award for the third time since 2014. The chapter was formed in 2005 as the inaugural chapter of an IEEE Council rather than an IEEE Society. Since then, the chapter has hosted a continuing string of monthly events comprising single speaker lunch time talks, an annual full day symposium of talks in the Spring and an annual half-day symposium in the Fall. Located in a unique global technology center its mission has been mission is to enable nanotechnology engineering by building bridges between industry, academia, and government, through the facilitation of education, networking, & entrepreneurship.  It provides valuable education, networking opportunities, and services through these events helping attendees develop and nurture professional relationships among peer working engineers, scientists, technologists, academics, and entrepreneurs. Most event speakers are recruited from local universities and companies as well as the occasional IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. Event attendance typically includes more non-IEEE members than members representing a broad audience and demographic which strives to fulfill the goal of advancing technology for humanity. The chapter also holds joint activities with other member societies, engages with students and provides a forum for job seekers.

The quality and longevity of the chapter is directly related to a large and active Executive Steering Committee, many of whom were among those chartering the chapter in 2005, by dividing responsibilities among their members to address event logistics, event promotion, speaker acquisition and venue management as examples. New volunteers are continuously added and they assume roles with increasing responsibility and further develop their professional networks.

In keeping with the times events are promoted on its own IEEE Listserv and on social media such as:


For full list of current chapters and contacts, click here.


How to start your own Chapter
Since this first chapter was formed, NTC has grown to include 29 Chapters worldwide and another 14 Student Chapters. Any member of the IEEE NTC can file a petition to form a chapter online at The IEEE Petition Team takes care of acquiring supporting signatures from neighboring members of NTC Society Members. The Outstanding Chapter Award winner might provide a useful model. For more information or inquiries of general chapter interest contact Nick Massetti, NTC Chapters Committee Chair, at


Announcing Distinguished Lecturers 2020

Friday, February 28th, 2020

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council is pleased to announce the appointments of Distinguished Lecturers for 2020.

The list is below; details can be found on the Distinguished Lecturers 2020 page.

DL Name Topic(s)
Oluwaseyi Balogun Nanometrology, Nanothermometry, and Imaging of Low Dimensional Materials using Plasmonic Nanofocusing Approaches
Reuven Gordon Nanoplasmonics: Reaching out to the Single Molecule
Chengkuo Lee Toward 5G based AI + IoT (AIoT) Society Enabled by NanoEnergy-NanoSystem (NENS) Technology
Zhang Li Magnetic Nanoparticle Swarm for Active Delivery
P M (Markondeya Pulugurtha) Raj Heterogeneous System Component Integration with Nanopackaging
Seiji Samukawa* Creating Green Nanostructures and Nanomaterials for Advanced Energy Nanodevices
Subramanian Sankaranarayanan* Bridging the electronic, atomistic and mesoscopic scales in materials modeling using machine learning
V. R. Singh* 1: Nano-sensor technology with IoT
2: Advanced nanosensors and systems for u-health care
3: Nano-Cancer Technology: New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices
Han Wang 1: Black Phosphorus and Perovskite Chalcogenide Materials for mid-IR Detection and Imaging
2: Emerging Low Dimensional Material Electronic Devices for Memory and Computing
Qing Zhang Roles of Semiconductor Junctions in Mechanical-Electrical Power Conversion
* Re-appointment for second year.

Chapter Expansion Worldwide in 2019

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) is expanding worldwide through the addition of new chapters to now total 27 active chapters.  So far during 2019 chapters have been added in the Chengdu China Section, the Western Saudi Arabia Section, the Chicago Section, the Oregon Section and the Victorian Section in Australia. This growth follows on the addition of two chapters in 2018 and seven in 2017.

Do you have a Chapter near you? For the current list see the Chapters page.

Student chapters have grown to now total 11 with new student chapters being added so far during 2019 in the Uttar Pradesh India Section at the Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, the University Nacional De Colombia Sede Bogota Colombia and in the Delhi India Section at the Academy of Scientific Research Chandigarh.

More are in the petition path towards becoming chapters in sections in other areas of Australia, Romania, Italy and China. The NTC leadership has been cooperating in this qrowth emphasis by locating and encouraging contacts in their networks to initiate formation petitions. More areas in the world are becoming involved in nanotechnology related science, engineering and study and interested organizers are welcomed to file petitions to form chapters at

Startup funding was provided by the NTC to many of the chapters formed in the last few years to help them quickly organize activities and events. For example the Chicago chapter’s initial focus is on holding a networking event with local startups and companies involved in Nanotech in the Chicago area along with a tour of local facilities such as Argonne National Lab for undergraduates and graduates in the local universities. The Delhi India Section at the Academy of Scientific Research Chandigarh held a workshop on Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning and also a Poster Paper Competition. In Australia a retreat supportive to women in STEM focused on early career grant & paper writing. At the new Oregon chapter a three speaker symposium is scheduled for early December.

Chapter support funding has become available to existing chapters as well, and interested chapters only need to inquire by sending a general proposal to Nick Massetti, Chair of the NTC Chapters Committee at If you would like to form a local NTC chapter use the form below to contact us.

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    Chapter News – Joint Foothill / Orange County Section Chapter

    Friday, February 22nd, 2019

    The Joint Foothill / Orange County Section Nanotechnology Council Chapter held its first seminar on January 30, 2019 at CSU Fullerton. The speaker was Dr. Wei Wu, Professor of Electrical Engineering at USC who was a pioneering researcher in the field of nanoimprint lithography and he described research he is now doing using the technology to create nanoscale structures to enable next generation color displays. He also described his work creating collapsible nanofingers to fabricate plasmonic structures with atomic precision. Based on this technology, he studied quantum tunneling in gap plasmons and demonstrated label-free single molecule sensing with Single-Molecule Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.

    There were 29 attendees with the majority being students. Attendees also included engineers and consultants from area companies. The event included networking and the student’s favorite – pizza. The chapter has its own IEEE listserv distribution list now including 100 addresses. Those in the local area can join the chapter list at

    The Chapter website is found at .

    Chapter organizer Cal Poly Pomona Professor Jenny Yu invited all to attend the next event which will feature speaker Dr. Yadong Yi from UC Riverside. She is forming the chapter Executive Committee and welcomes the members to join.


    Call for Nominations for NTC Chapter of the Year Awards-2018

    Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

    The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) Chapter of the Year Award is intended to encourage a successful and effective overall performance of the Chapter in terms of its activities. Exemplary Chapters must have a high number of activities and creativity. The Chapter must consistently be active in organizing activities throughout the year.

    All nomination materials must reach the NTC Awards Committee by March 31st , 2018. Nominations may be made by any full IEEE member, or by a representative of the nominee chapter.

    For details on nomination process and criteria, see the Chapter Award information page.


    Students of San Francisco Bay Area NTC Chapter Attended A 3-Day Nanotechnology Workshop

    Thursday, July 14th, 2016


    San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council Chapter hits the mark with 3 Day nanotechnology workshop for Students.

    By Nick Massetti IEEE Life Senior Member

    I’ll tell the story of the event titled: IEEEnanoCON-2016: Inspiring the Next Generation by starting at the end.

    Slides of selected presentations of the IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Council Chapter 3-Day Workshop on Nanotechnology can be found at the following link: 

    The following are some of the comments from attendees following the 3 day mid-year workshop on nanotechnology designed for college students on Summer break and young professionals.

    “First and foremost, I’d like to say that I enjoyed almost every single aspect of the event, and in particular, I thought the diversity of speakers (especially the balance between industry and academia) and locations was excellent.”  Alex, UC Davis Chem E. undergrad.

    In my experience, the three days of IEEEnanoCON-2016 resulted in a fantastic combination of getting up to speed in areas of my own interest (biotechnology and medical devices) and developing knowledge and ideas in new polymers, new semiconductor materials, addressing energy needs and clean technologies. To make all this possible, the program brought together an excellent panel of presenters from industry, academia and government research to interact with a very enthusiastic and curious group of young scientists and engineers, from elite schools, universities and colleges from all over.  I take away the inspiration and the energy of a new generation of scientists to lead the field in decades to come.”  Maria, Ph.D., EMBA, Medical Device Consultant

    I am deeply grateful for the education I have received from the three days of incredible speakers, great itineraries, enjoyable food, and excellent networking. This event has helped me see possibilities for myself that hadn’t occurred to me before.” Margaret, Undergrad, Foothill College.
    The inspiration for the event grew from the RFP issued by the IEEE NTC in early 2015 for a Summer School on Nanotechnology. Although the San Francisco Chapter’s proposal was not the proposal selected for funding, the organizers moved ahead and found local sponsors to subsidize student registration fees and some other event costs. The workshop presented leading industrial scientists, academic researchers, entrepreneurs and government speakers in a broad spectrum of nanotechnology topics. The event was held at three separate locations, one day at each location. Part of the concept involved inviting researchers and interns at the different sites to attend providing golden network opportunities for the registrants. It also provided an opportunity for the registrants to go on tours of the local labs, for example, the Stanford University Nanofabrication Facility.

    When the attendance numbers were totaled the student participation alone reached 59 including nine Texas Instruments student interns, who dropped in on day one, and ten IBM student interns, who participated on day two.  In addition to local interns there were also seasoned researchers and professors who stopped in for presentations and some even helped the speakers answer questions. The students reported attending at least 18 universities across the USA and the UK during the academic year. Besides the USA, home countries included Canada, India, Iran, Japan, Russia, and Vietnam. Many were interning at local industrial companies such as Semiconductor equipment supplier Applied Materials, biopharma giant Gilead, Zeiss X-Ray and research giant XEROX-PARC. Event sponsors included IBM, SWCNT manufacturer OCSiAl LLC, and the IEEE SCV Section STEM education fund.

    SF 2016 - Fig. 1


    San Francisco Nano Workshop for Young Professionals

    Monday, May 16th, 2016

    San Francisco Bay Area IEEE Nanotechnology Council Chapter

    3 Day Workshop for Young Professionals

    IEEEnanoCON-2016;  Inspiring the Next Generation

    Dates: June 13 – 15, 2016

    Venues: Texas Instruments; IBM Almaden; and Stanford University

    For detailed schedule, see

    Download the PDF flyer.

    IEEEnanoCON-2016 is a three day workshop principally targeting young professionals and college students. IEEEnanoCON-2016 will also serve engineers wishing to retrain into new careers. There will be exposure to a wide range of nanotechnology science and technology topics by established experts in the fields.

    Presentations will span nanomaterials and nanodevices, nanophotonics and nanomedicine, nanopolymers and nanosensors along with their applications.

    Speakers from Academia and Industry (both entrepreneurs and established enterprises), will review current as well as potential areas of interest in an attempt to spark a drive to get involved in enabling the promise of nanotechnology.

    Ample time will be reserved for discussion and interchange with attendees.

    IEEEnanoCON-2016’s three days of activities will take place at three venues: Texas Instruments; IBM Almaden; and Stanford University. Free attendance by on-site engineers or professors will be encouraged to maximize networking opportunities.

    For detailed schedule and to register, see


    Sponsored by OCSiAL USA, Perkin Elmer, HP, HP Enterprise and IEEE SCV Section

    IEEE Nanotechnology Newsletter Published before 2014

    Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

    August 2012 NTC Newsletter

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    June 2010


    Student Branch Chapter formed at Kuvempu University

    Thursday, November 8th, 2012

    An IEEE Nanotechnology Council Student Branch Chapter was approved in September 2012 at Kuvempu University. There are 44 departments at Kuvempu University. This University has a distance learning program with 77 centres all across India. The University is located in the middle of the Bradra Reserve Forest and adjacent to the Bhadra Dam, and is 32 Km away from Shimoga, a district in the state of Karnataka, situated 345 Km away from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. The University was started in 1987. It completed 25 years and celebrated its silver jubilee event with a grand ceremony and followed by initiation of the University Science, arts and sports exhibition. It even has its own publishing house called “Prasanga”. The University is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC).

    There is a class of 13 people in the department of Nanoscience and Technology. Our Department runs a 2 year master’s course titled “Master of Technology” in Nanoscience and Technology.
    An inaugural meeting on the occasion of having got the approval for the IEEE student branch at Kuvempu University was held on Thursday 27, September. Seated separately in the side is Dr.J Manjanna. He has been an inspiration for all of us. They call him “Japan Manja” for the vast years of research experience has had in Japan during his post-doctoral studies. Seated in the chairs are the heads of various departments within the university. From the left: Prof.Bhojya Naik (member of IEEE) is chairman of Nanotechnology department as well as Industrial chemistry, to his right is Prof. Rajeshwar, department of Biochemistry, followed by Dr.B N Jagadale (member of IEEE) who is the chairman of Electronics Department and to his right is Dr. Neelgundh, from Department of Biochemistry and to his right Prof. Vasanthakumar Pai, from department of Industrial Chemistry followed by Prof Venkatesha, the Dean of the Science studies in Kuvempu University and to is right is Prof. Yadav Bodke, from Industrial Chemistry department.

    Student Branch Chapter Formed at UT Tyler

    Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

    An IEEE Nanotechnology Student Branch Chapter was chartered  at The University of Texas at Tyler in the Fall semester of 2011.  This chapter is the first of its kind in Texas and 2nd in the world. Dr. Dominick E. Fazarro, UT Tyler Associate Professor in the Industrial Technology Program and IEEE Senior member, had a great supporting cast-Drs. Evelyn Hirt and Walt Trybula, both IEEE Senior members. The faculty in the  Human Resource Development and Technology were delighted to see an expansion of student interest in nanotechnology.  According to Dr. Fazarro, “There is an interest among students in the Industrial Technology program. Last summer, an online introduction course in nanotechnology which I created had an enrollment of 67 undergraduate and graduate students.”

    “We as educators need to introduce nanotechnology on undergraduate level because,  this emerging technology will need trained workers in research, engineering, and management to sustain this new industry,” Fazarro continued. “This newly charted chapter is in response to building a need and being proactive to integrate nanotechnology courses in existing STEM programs”

    They are currently building the chapter website.