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Nanosensors and Nanoactuators TC

Nanosensors and Nanoactuators Technical Committee (TC 7)

In the era of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT), the importance of sensors and actuators is rapidly increasing for accurate monitoring and timely control of numerous system parameters. Accordingly, nanotechnologies are being actively applied to realize innovative functions and dramatically improved performances of sensors and actuators. Based on this background, the purpose of the Technical Committee on Nanosensors and Nanoactuators, TC 07 is to take the leadership in the field of nanotechnology-enabled sensors and actuators towards the scientific and engineering breakthrough, as well as meaningful real-life applications in the industry and society.

The focus areas in the nanosensors include nanomaterial/nanostructure/nanodevice-based advanced sensors for (1) environmental monitoring, (2) energy saving, (3) healthcare monitoring, (4) advanced robots, (5) virtual/augmented reality, (6) biomedical equipment, etc. On the other hand, the focus areas in the nanoactuators include nanotechnology-enabled actuators for (1) soft robotics, (2) high-precision mechatronic systems, (3) implantable biomedical systems, (4) cell/molecular manipulation, (5) advanced photonic systems, (6) tactile systems, (7) next generation electronic systems, etc. The proposed TC plans to promote the above-explained areas and focus on the scientific and engineering issues related to the design, fabrication, integration, characterization, reliability, and applications of nanosensors and nanoactuators.

Yuji SuzukiThe University of
James FriendRMIT
Fan-Gang TsengNational Tsing-Hua
Gwo-Bin Vincent LeeNational Tsing Hua
Wen J. LICity University of Hong
Jeff Tza-Huei WangJohns Hopkins
Deepak UttamchandaniUniversity of
Nam-Trung NguyenNanyang Technological
Rong ZhuTsinghua University,
Ai-Qun LiuNanyang Technological
Zhihong LiPeking
Stas PolonskyIBM T.J. Watson Research
Che-Hsin LinNSYSU,
Salvatore Andrea PullanoUniversity Magna